14 Days Self Isolating At An End

2.30 pm this afternoon saw an end to the children’s school imposed self isolation. But what has befallen us? At present, an indefinite government imposed state of national lockdown.

The moment passed by silently, but then there were screams and shouts from upstairs! The entire crew came thundering down like a heard of elephants! And this is what it was all about!

Dinnertime was a fairly messy affair as after their Penne Puttanesca I left them with the remainders of the chocolate ganache and Greek yoghurt. When I returned to the kitchen, the mess was unbelievable! Though they seemed to have finished their dessert, they just seemed to be wearing half of it.

About to venture upstairs as that is where they are playing before a kiss and hug goodnight! Their screams can still be heard quite loudly! Wish me luck…

Summer Smiles and Bubbles

This morning I decided to edit together a new family video. Firstly I thought of smiles and then I remembered bubbles! We have a fair pictorial archive throughout our history where bubbles play a part. We even had a bubble machine at one point (thank you Sindy), that is until Caleb broke it! This video is short for me, only 3 minutes, so why not give it a go! You are only moments away from a smile… I promise!

Another Day Of Lockdown

For us, today was day 13 of lockdown. But as you know, since that fated day almost 2 weeks ago now, when the children were all asked to leave school due to their coughs and snotty noses, the world as we know it has changed. There is no normality to return to on Wednesday morning as there is no school, no nanny Sindy, no workplace for John to go, nothing really left functioning outside of supermarkets and pharmacies! I really do hope that the home testing kit for identifying the antibody is available soon. At least then we can either know that we have had it and we are safe to anyone that we might come in contact with or this virus is just another cold that the children have brought home. This cold shows all of the signs, dry cough, congested lungs, etc, but John and Amritsar have had no symptoms at all. If we do get one of these self testing kits, I will of course update you on the results.

This staying at home indefinitely is a real ‘biggy’ to get your head around isn’t it? At least after Wednesday I hope that we can empty our terrace of the accumulated rubbish of two weeks. I realise now that we do generate an awful lot! I am really sorry that there is little wit in today’s post! Nothing to report on otherwise really, just another day of lockdown!

Some Lost Pictures Of Baby Thor

Each time my iPhone has been upgraded, pictures have been lost from the iCloud, it just happens sadly! Well, I looked into a few Whatsapp conversations a few days ago and to my surprise, there were several images from the birth of Thor in Thailand that I thought I would never see again! I think that we all need to remember to backup and / or print our happiest memories as the iCloud is sadly no guarantee of keeping them safe! And NO pink is definitely not my colour!

Dadda Gets Jammin’

Pineapple Jam is simply the best and a really easy one to make. As ever, be sure to sterilise your jam jars, ladle and jam funnel in your dishwasher first and take care when handling.

Two relatively small pineapples yielded 700g of flesh and to guarantee a good set, I used 200g apple pulp and 100ml lemon juice. So, here we go!

700g Pineapple flesh (canned is fine)

200g Apple pulp

100ml Lemon Juice

900g Sugar

If you were to use canned pineapple, be sure to only use the flesh (not juice).

Firstly I peeled the pineapple and removed the fibrous core. Chop into 2cm pieces and check the weight. Place in a heavy bottomed pan with the lemon juice. Bring to a boil and cook for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Mash your cooked fruit with a potato masher. Add your precooked apple pulp and the sugar. Bring to a rolling boil and cook a further 20 minutes, stirring every few minutes to avoid the pulp burning on the base of your pan.

I did notice quite a lot of evaporation on this jam. The 1.9kg of ingredients yielded 4 x 312ml jars. Don’t forget to sterilise your filled jars for around 20 minutes and allow to cool. Your jam will achieve a perfect set overnight. A delight on buttery croissants the following morning! Go on, give it a go and ‘Transcend Your Day’!

The ‘Happy Pineapple’ courtesy of Mother Nature : )

Okay, Okay, Daddy and Dadda’s Dinner

Lockdown aside, tonight I have decided to conclude the day with an entry regarding ‘Daddy and Dadda’s Dinner’. With a decent cut of beef (fillet) costing almost the same as XL shrimp or lobster, don’t despair, just combine the two protein groups into a surf and turf dinner! The option of dining in a restaurant anytime soon has been denied. So with the extra cash, why not elevate a Friday night dinner at home instead?

A small tip regarding triple cooked chips is to cut your (large) potatoes into rectangular spuds before you chip them for frying. That way you get perfect shaped chips or fries. And you can always reserve the potato excess for another meal.