Happy Spring Equinox for Tomorrow

At 03.49am tonight we have the beginning of astronomical Spring! So, happy spring equinox everyone. I took today’s picture a moment ago on the terrace. As you can see it is a cool, wet beginning of the season here in ‘The Shires’. Did I mention that it is the earliest start of the season in 124 years. To be honest, that aside, I am very much looking forward to 3 months down the line when we are through this difficult and unprecedented time. It is hard to ignore things and just get on with living when the media is 100% focused on reporting this epidemic. As ever, thank you for reading!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

2 thoughts on “Happy Spring Equinox for Tomorrow”

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful flower.
    Happy spring equinox to all of you.
    We have a major winter storm here .
    It’s almost a whiteout .
    I will not be traveling home tonight, at my daughter’s probably till Saturday.
    Dear me, and I was so looking forward to spring flowers.

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    1. I hate to say that the iPhone 11’s micro photographic abilities are good! But I still hate them!! Lol

      Wow – a whiteout for you. Your geology and weather fronts are so much bigger in the US, than here in the leafy shires of England.

      Whiteout and all – here’s to Springtime Margie. 🥂

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