Homeward Bound

The mini holiday at an end and we are just joining the M4 at Bristol. Should be home around 6.20 then the preparation for bedtime. Has it been a a relaxing getaway? Probably not – but have we confirmed our two week summer holiday in North Cornwall? Yes, 2 weeks of full on holiday mayhem to follow. More on that at the time.

Aaliyah now screaming profusely behind me. Daddy loosing his temper and I have just had to raise my voice. Dadda’s getting ‘one of his heads’ – oh dear. Roll on August (remember to pack paracetamol)…

The Sun is Finally Here

The children are finally in bed and here John and I sit with a well deserved glass of white wine in the garden of the beach house. Oddly enough looking onto the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. There are still screams. There has been all day with the little ones. Just when you think you have passed a hurdle – you realise that you haven’t. All of their behaviour has showed it’s darker side at several flash points today. Amritsar and Tara on the other hand have been model students. We had two ‘Thinking Chairs’ on the go at one point, both Aaliyah and Caleb sat there looking shame faced. But finally I sit hear and I can feel the sun upon my face. In a way I am glad we are returning home tomorrow! This was supposedly be a trial night for our two week break in August, but I feel certain dismay. Was the four hours of repeated ‘are we there yet’s’ really worth it. And to top it all, we realised that our nanny Sindy had not packed the Panama’s. Oh, my moment in the sun has drawn short on this, Britain’s hottest day. The clouds have engulfed the sun once again and I sit here shivering. Time to go inside and fix dinner for us beleaguered drown ups I guess!

Is it Like This in Your House

Three tablets and five children completely engrossed. So nothing to report on tonight! Almost bedtime and an early rise. Off to Cornwall early tomorrow for a speedy 24hr frolic on the beach near Bude. We’ve certainly got the weather for it. Much more to write about at this time tomorrow evening.

Just a few comments on ‘Dadda’s Jam’. We’ve not talked about Dadda’s combos in a while. This weeks successes include ‘Apricot Jelly with a zing of pineapple’ and ‘Peach Peary’ to boot. Guess what I’m drizzling on my ice cream tonight?