Caleb With a Serious ‘Look’

Looking at this picture taken yesterday made me wonder! Doesn’t Caleb look rather handsome? He always tends to pull faces when being photographed. He scrunches up his face or sticks out his tongue usually. But he has a bit of a ‘Look’ going on there I thought. What a handsome chap he is underneath it all. Though Thor still wins hands up when it comes to posing for the camera, Tara a very close second. Is she smuggling in a cheeky ‘coco the clown’ Look there rather slyly? They are of course all beautiful in my eyes – just who is the better poseur?

The countdown

Aaliyah has been very good of late. However, yesterday she was back to her old tricks. No, there was no biting involved thankfully, but she did hit Tara in the face yesterday at Angels soft play party and blooded her nose with no remorse. Anyhow, she was uncontrollable on our way home in the car. This morning her foul mood and screams did not dissipate, so I was forced to play my ‘Trump’ card (nothing to do with the US president, honestly). I pretended to call Sindy our nanny and cancel her sleepover tonight (John away for the night and I have to be at an event later), I then called the fabled ‘Mrs Snodgrass’ and asked if she could fill in for Sindy and do the sleepover. All of this archived with Aaliyah listening on. She said that she would be delighted to step in and finally meet our Aaliyah! My plan was set. I texted Sindy who would usually let herself in with her keys and I asked if she would ring the doorbell instead! Of course I explained the scenario. She agreed and here I sit with the children. The countdown is on – 15 minutes and counting. Tara was the most intrigued as she has been asking when ‘Mrs Snodgrass’ is arriving every half an hour! Tara kind of realised that the character is one of fiction, but she is not completely sure. I gave in a bit earlier and told Tara first, then Amritsar that I had decided to cancel  (keeping the mystery alive) and Sindy was coming after all. The little ones however are oblivious. Aaliyah is starting to show a certain nervousness, awaiting the sound of the doorbell. 10 minutes and counting. I’ll fill you in as to the conclusion of my little charade later. He he he!!!

I am now sat on the train and Sindy is driving home with the children in preparation for bedtime.

Earlier, the doorbell rang – it was 5.15pm. Tara, Amritsar, Thor and Caleb were eagerly loitering around the front door in the entrance hall. Tara couldn’t contain herself ‘Aaliyah, Aaliyah’ she was calling ‘Mrs Snodgrass is here for you’. ‘No, I don’t want to come to the door – NO’ Aaliyah shouted. Tara was giggling as she swung the door open. Caleb and Thor both pushed their way forward, falling on top of each other. They picked themselves up, a little dazed. ‘Sindy, Sindy’ they exclaimed, completely expecting to see Cecelia Snodgrass standing there in her green tweed two piece suit and spectacles. Amritsar and Tara were laughing and Aaliyah was still hiding behind the sofa. She exhaled and smiled. ‘Did my little joke work Aaliyah – are you now prepared to try a little harder to be a good girl?’ ‘Yes Dadda, YES’ was her reply. She looked bemused and a little sheepish – no doubt happy that the days waiting ordeal was over.

Thank you Lee and Jess

Happy Fifth Birthday Angel! And thank you all for such a lovely time yesterday guys. We had a lot of fun. Arriving home past 8pm, our crew didn’t settle down for their Zzzzz’s before nine o’clock. Everyone was completely bonkers in the car on the way home, soft play at the leisure centre in Primrose Hill had clearly not tired them out sufficiently.


Sunday morning now and we’ve been indulging on the great party bags that Jess made up. Getting a bit tired now from having to do the theatrics that surround a whoopee cushion (x 5)… Thank you Jess! 5 x Bubble wands to choreograph this afternoon!

Happy Summer Solstice

It’s amazing that Summer Solstice is not a National Holiday really. If you consider the importance of it throughout our pagan, ancient history. You would have thought that in these contemporary times, post tree hugging and what with witch craft not being a punishable crime worthy of being burnt at the steak, we would be paying more attention to this magnificent event with the Summer at its pinnacle. Oh well, just hoping BBC 2 will show a snippet of Stonehenge and the Druids larking about at sunrise this morning. And as for being burnt at the steak, looks like steak and chips is in the menu tonight.

Sports Day in the Rain

All schools have them don’t they? And today was our schools turn. 8.30am this morning got the okay from the head teacher that sports day would happen. It has been maybe/maybe not for a while with the local weather forecast. I hate it when the weather is like this. Will it rain or will it be dry! We hoped for dry as the weather app was inconclusive. And guess what? Come 1pm, we arrived to just the merest sprinkling of the wet stuff. We ate our picnic with haste and were then ushered to seats lining the side of the track. Nice to see a few friendly faces and meet one or two new ones. We cheered for ‘TeamGreen’ as that was Amritsar’s and Tara’s team. They did well and came in at number one – hoorah! Another very proud dad today as both girls came first or second in almost all of their races. A major turn around from last year when they did not apply the same gusto to their efforts. They both love P.E. now – This might be the reason behind such a good performance. Come 2pm the heavens opened and everyone dived for their brollies. There were some 60+ races in all. A constant stream of race after race. Very well choreographed indeed. Thor did a little track running for himself. Please note the picture beneath. And to top it all, Aaliyah also came first in the final run of the day where toddlers and siblings were invited to run the ‘toddlers race’. Thankfully the parents run was cancelled. I am remembering last year when John cheated on the egg and spoon race by holding down the egg. Naughty daddy! Even with that he managed to come last – oh dear…

Dadda’s Early Childhood

In early childhood my family lived around the Bristol area and Somerset. And today I discovered several old photos of my early childhood that my mother gave me several years ago now. Do you know – I completely forgot that we once drove the streets in a bright pink jaguar! How bloody camp is that? Dad… Respect! Lol

You know, Thor loves dickie bows and seeing this picture made me laugh. I wonder where he gets that from! Funny boy isn’t he?

I loved these Rupert Bear trousers. Not sure about the rusty chip pan basket though. Ooh nostalgia – one can get rather indulgent, can’t one?

Yes, last picture is me as a baby. I do remember when my mother gave me these pics. She said that just after this picture was taken, she dropped me on my head! ‘Why on earth would you tell me that Mother’ I exclaimed. ‘I just thought you should know that Andrew’ she replied. I really didn’t know what she was implying, but I let it drop (as she did me). At present remembering her fondly. Here’s to you Miss Jean Eve Paradise.