Sports Day in the Rain

All schools have them don’t they? And today was our schools turn. 8.30am this morning got the okay from the head teacher that sports day would happen. It has been maybe/maybe not for a while with the local weather forecast. I hate it when the weather is like this. Will it rain or will it be dry! We hoped for dry as the weather app was inconclusive. And guess what? Come 1pm, we arrived to just the merest sprinkling of the wet stuff. We ate our picnic with haste and were then ushered to seats lining the side of the track. Nice to see a few friendly faces and meet one or two new ones. We cheered for ‘TeamGreen’ as that was Amritsar’s and Tara’s team. They did well and came in at number one – hoorah! Another very proud dad today as both girls came first or second in almost all of their races. A major turn around from last year when they did not apply the same gusto to their efforts. They both love P.E. now – This might be the reason behind such a good performance. Come 2pm the heavens opened and everyone dived for their brollies. There were some 60+ races in all. A constant stream of race after race. Very well choreographed indeed. Thor did a little track running for himself. Please note the picture beneath. And to top it all, Aaliyah also came first in the final run of the day where toddlers and siblings were invited to run the ‘toddlers race’. Thankfully the parents run was cancelled. I am remembering last year when John cheated on the egg and spoon race by holding down the egg. Naughty daddy! Even with that he managed to come last – oh dear…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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