An Early Night For The Children

What with my being in London last night, I returned to stories of theft! It would seem that at around 10pm last night, daddy asleep on the sofa, Tara and Thor descended the stairs and sneaked past the open living room door where daddy was snoozing and surveyed the kitchen for booty. The others were sleeping upstairs. Now, moving on to this morning, Aaliyah awoke to a squashed flat peach stuck to her bum (not pleasant) and Caleb devoured his surprise manna with gusto. Amritsar did the right thing and gave hers to our nanny Sindy to return it to the fruit bowl. Tara and Thor said that they were sorry for their actions…

The story continued on my return to the house and whilst cooking their dinner I looked for dessert options. The cupboard was bare on that front so I ventured into the housekeepers cupboard where lies (in a bag) several chocolate bars and a dozen mini packs of Haribo fruit gums. One of the 200g chocolate bars was open and half nibbled and four of the Haribo packets were empty of their contents!

It also seemed that Amritsar’s peach that was replaced in the bowl had also once again been stolen, no one came forward so at dinner tonight when it came to dessert, I placed the half eaten chocolate bar and empty sweet packets on the table. Tara and Thor were quite bold but both declined to comment on the matter. When I said that there would be no dessert tonight due to the situation, Caleb decided to hurl his drinking cup towards me. Thankfully it was both empty and he missed (due to his aim not being that great). ‘Okay, that’s it’ I exclaimed ”off to bed, everyone’! Lots of screaming and a few ‘sorry Dadda’s’ later, they all marched up to bed.

I don’t really have a ‘summing up’ of the situation. But I hope that my decision to send them up to bed resonates in the form of the guilty parties not doing it again as it does affect everybody – doesn’t it?

Re: Time Off

I have been a bit reclusive of late. For that I am sincerely sorry.

On the home front, the children are still enjoying their summer holidays and we are all back home in ‘The Shires’ after our fun, yet exhausting time in Cornwall. Week two in Cornwall was great, spending some of the week with friends Bridge and Des who also have twins and we rounded off our holiday with two nights in East Devon with friends Alistaire and Lorna. Last Thursday John and I feasted at ‘Steins’ in Padstow and we ate well at ‘The Pig’ at Combe on Saturday. The overall journey went without too much drama and our arrival home was greeted by two extremely excited Dalmatian hounds. They didn’t go to kennels as a friend Jo came in thrice daily to water, feed and run them. Much nicer for the dogs and also a little cheaper than the local kennels would have been.

The terrace has continued to be rather active on the bird nest front! I imagine the chicks will fledge the nest soon enough. Also, this years crop of tomatoes, courgettes and peppers are looking well and almost ready to pick. An awful lot of watering and attention for a single meal of ratatouille. I’m not sure that I will bother next year. Mind you I say this every year.

Haven’t slept well of late, I might just try a few early nights, though whenever I try that option, I always find it impossible to nod off!

Well, that’s it for now. I might try to cobble together a couple more holiday videos over the next couple of days. Over and Out…

The Children’s Bedtime

You may have noticed that thus far I have limited my holiday diary entries to but a single postcard home. Rather than a daily entry that is ‘fly in the wall’, I have chosen to make a couple of videos in these last few days that show one or two of our activities from our beach holiday in Cornwall. This is a holiday after all isn’t it?

We are now on day eleven and the sun has eventually started to shine, those grey clouds have dissipated and the wind has finally been quelled. This day could well be pleasant summers day at the seaside!

Another family holiday video tomorrow then…

A Postcard Home

Six days into our summer holiday and I finally remember to send a postcard home…

Dear All

Weather has been foul. The greyest week on record I believe. The rain has not stopped. The visits to the beach have been daily, due to the holiday home being on the dunes, so we’ve seen our fair share of sand and pretty much moved into the shower. The little ones have been a bit destructive, a Chair was scraped badly, the dining table also, plus the living room wall was deeply scratched by Caleb. We ventured out to Barnstable today to Homebase to buy polyfilla and a spatula, plus a match pot of a light sage green paint, almost indescribable from the original. Fingers crossed on that score.

The children have been a little chaotic from time to time and have chosen that 9pm is their new bedtime. Of course, not being a ‘school night’ and being on holiday, we have allowed them a few extra freedoms.

Ice cream has been consumed by all on a daily basis. I’m looking in the mirror and noticing the bulge! I will need to re-engage with the weekly fitness regiment on my return to the Shires! John, like the children seems to have a very high metabolism, so he needn’t worry on that score.

I think that we will limit the little ones restaurant visits for a while, at least until they start to understand that screaming in shops and restaurants is really quite unacceptable! Really hoping ‘Big School’ turns around their tantrums, at least in public places where people deserve a pleasant time on the likes of their holidays. We all work throughout the year to deserve ourselves a good time when we set off on our hol’s to relax, don’t we?

Talking of relaxing, we have a few meets with friends next week and our nanny Sindy joining us for a few days so John and I can grab a little time out.

And I was just going to write, weather fine, missing you – wish you were here!

Nite nite.