In Memory of Granny Hazel

You may recall my last diary entry. John lost his mother to a long fight with cancer. His sisters were with her throughout her fight, along with husband Michael. She passed ten days ago and John and I said goodbye to granny Hazel last Wednesday (one week ago) at a chapel in Dublin.

The little ones don’t really comprehend her passing, but Tara and Amritsar did deserve an explanation of why we needed to say goodbye to Granny Hazel.

I started with a chat with Amritsar on the terrace last Monday, the day after Hazel died. I opened the conversation with ‘We are all made of stars’. Now, I am not so religious and honesty, I find works best! She knew that granny had been unwell for some time and I thought the scientific approach seemed appropriate. Our matter remains and one day in another billion years I explained to Amritsar, we might just be another star! We went in and talked with Tara and I said that granny had died. Tara, the more empathetic of them cried. We hugged a lot, some more tears and hugs, followed by my suggestion that it might be appropriate to eat ice cream. The girls agreed and that was that.

I recall the passing of my own mother ‘Grandma Jean’ four years ago. Her memory and spirit is always with us. She visited us from Australia where she lived, when the girls were two years old. We have photos of the girls in pink dresses and my mother wearing multi coloured earrings. The girls were playing with those earrings in the pictures. We now have those earrings in the draw of the compendium (games cupboard) and every so often we play with them and he girls wear them and think of the pictures with grandma Jean.

We really must do the same with the memory of ‘Granny Hazel’. Forever in our thoughts.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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