The Pre – Agrarian Diet! So How’s It Going?

A third frosty start to the day, here in ‘The Shires’. Not quite the frozen tundra, but chilly enough! The rainwater in the wheelbarrow has frozen solid.

Well, regarding the diet, what can I say? Though not entirely ‘Pre – Agrarian’, we have made one or two compromises. We even ate a 70% cocoa mass Lindt chocolate bar last night (Woohoo)! That was right after a dinner of Salad Nicoise on a bed of crisp spinach leaves. Omitting the boiled potato was key to ‘de-carbing’ this amazing French classic. Didn’t miss the spuds at all! All combined with a homemade salad dressing, what’s there not to like? I de-skinned 4 tomatoes, thinly sliced a red onion, blanched some very fine green beans and boiled 5 eggs (shelled and halved). Now don’t bother with tuna in brine or oil. Spend the bit extra and buy the tinned, pre- drained tuna steaks! So much better. Bejewelled with black olives and anchovies aplenty.

Another red prawn Thermidor tonight served up with butter braised Savoy cabbage!

For me, a day of fasting tomorrow, just water for hydration.

Feeling a lot firmer, though this diet isn’t really about the weight loss as I want to replace any internal fat loss with muscle mass! This I am achieving with relatively light exercise. I don’t really do anything that would lead to a sweat. I’m not a big fan of aerobic exercise as I have had some joint pains in recent times. Sadly, the truth is that the diet isn’t really helping my elbow pain. I guess that there is not enough seal blubber in my diet (hahaha)! I have started back on the cod liver oil and glucosamine sulphate supplement tabs! Like life, you have to make a few compromises in order to make things work don’t you?

Thanks for readying.

The Quietest They’ve Been All Weekend

2 pirates, 2 ballerina’s and Caleb have finally settled down to watch Disney’s Moana. A morning spent mostly in their room, pretending to tidy up! Daddy lying down for a rest and Caleb now sat at feet playing with a stethoscope! Oops, he has just broken it! Oh dear – his capacity for destruction really is unparalleled.

Lunch was a success. The children love fried eggs and French fries. Thor’s egg has to be with a broken yolk! I remember that I used to insist on that also at his age. Daddy had 2 eggs and 3 sausages and I had a 3 egg cheese omelette and sausage. Feeling full and contented! Stir fried pork strips with onion, peppers, sugar snap peas and bean sprouts with lashings of soy sauce and a dash of sesame oil on the grownup menu tonight. I think cheese and ham sandwiches for them!

Life really does revolve around food, doesn’t it? I think that it is the least we can do to eat well, whatever the budget or type of diet one may be on!

A Bedroom or a Rubbish Tip

Although being well behaved on the whole today, I did not venture up the top floor! However, I constantly asked them if they had made a mess and if their room was tidy throughout the day and ‘Yes Dadda’ was the consistent reply from them all.

Since daddy’s return 45 minutes ago from Dublin, their behaviour has escalated to deafening decibels. Daddy has just lead them upstairs to shock, horror and disbelief of the extremely messy pig sty that was once their bedroom. All I can hear are Aaliyah and Thor’s screams and daddy raising his voice to them all ‘come on tidy up, tidy up’.

There were probably several minor flash points over the last 24 hours that I could have reported on tonight – but the here and now seems to be the reality of today’s summing up – five very messy little people with very little remorse.

Naughty Food

The carbs were very much enjoyed on John’s Birthday, though I did not gorge! Okay, there were two almond croissants for breakfast, a slice of toast with marmite at lunchtime and a dessert at the restaurant in the evening and finally a packet of crisps, though I wasn’t hungry, just before midnight. Oh, there was also that tub of Haagen Das the previous night at 12.01an…

The little people, now upstairs, our nanny Sindy off for the weekend and John in Dublin tonight. There is rather a lot of shouting coming from the top floor. No doubt it will settle in an hour or two.

I did a 36 hour fast yesterday and finished that with sausages and cheese omelette a little earlier today. A bit of light exercise, you know the score!

I’m not sure if I have lost any weight as of yet, but that’s not the main objective to my pre – agrarian diet. General health is the target and there seems to be another 30 days plus until my birthday and the end to the project. Though I do expect that I will make some serious lifestyle changes because of this experience.

Nikki our babysitter said that she would see us in 2 weeks on a Friday, meaning that I will have to factor in another ‘day off the diet’ but I imagine that I will go a low carb route and just enjoy a restaurant meal without triple fried chips! Damn, they sound good atm.

Remus and Grace are snuggled up on the sofa and I am binge watching a Netflix series called Travelers. My sneaky bit of Sci-Fi in Johns absence.

I’ve enjoyed my reassertions at and created 2 podcasts today, starting at the very beginning of my diary! It is so weird listening to oneself isn’t it? Now available on Spotify, just search for Andi Webb I guess! Or you could just friend me on FB! Andi Webb London should find me. And NO! I don’t have that many friends – lol, poor old me…

Thank you for reading.

Girls vs Boys

As tonight’s title would imply, who trumps the field when it comes to who’s best? I am of course talking about children aged 4 – 6 (almost 7)! In certain behaviours I think they are pretty much 50/50 when it comes to things like their emerging abilities in arts and crafts, but where do the boys come out on top? And indeed, where do the girls? Tara is an amazing football player and at this age gender stereotypes don’t really apply!

They were all great as babies, that is probably excluding Thor with his screamy, almost nightmarish articulations! I remember playing opera at loud volume to settle him for his night time sleeps. John actually put his cot on my side of the bed so that I could cope with his nightly screamies! Go figure – though that was a long time ago now. His and Caleb’s developments have proved that they both still hold onto the power of pure scream, though they are specific with whatever it is that is bothering either of them, very unlike baby screams that seem to be much about anything and everything!

I’ll put an element of just being loud down to age, as Aaliyah gives as good as the boys if she is annoyed about something or other. A minus here for the girls however as Aaliyah will not convey the actual thing that is (excuse the term), pissing her off, where as the boys will immediately point fingers and cast aspersions!!!

I realise the reality of both Tara and Amritsar being from a slightly different gene pool, but they really are so very different when it comes to their general behaviour and the volume of their occasional dissatisfactions. Is there a genetic link going on here? I hope not as we are all born equal and I believe that when we die, we do so on equal terms. Some of us took more and some of us gave more! But nature reclaims us and converts our elements in much the same way.

Okay, today the boys were fighting at the dinner table. A lash out here and a lash out there. Some kicks and some shouting, but they both held it together enough to finish their food and no one was seriously hurt. Aaliyah on the other hand moved the table whilst Tara was beneath the said table, crawling into the corner space, as with the table turned, she has difficulty getting to her space at the table as it is blocked by the provisions cupboard. Aaliyah had inadvertently hit Tara in the head. Some shouting and crying later, Tara settled and Aaliyah went crazy and even screamy with apologies. Poor, dear Tara. Naughty, but repentant Aaliyah,,, They all give equally when it comes to hugs and statements of ‘I love you’ however.

So all in all, I think that the girls feel remorse a little bit more than the boys. I also think that with the boys, a little feud can certainly run the course, though it burns out very quickly. But are the girls more focused on getting their own back at a later time, opposed to just dealing with a situation in the here and now!

To be truthful, I couldn’t properly decide on who had the upper hand at this age. I had to ask Sindy, our nannies opinion! She kind of confirmed what I had rightly considered. And that was that boys bring it out into the open, they are a lot more straight forward, using a raging scream, a kick or even a punch with their sibling in order to settle a dispute. The girls on the other hand are a bit more subtle with things – a later revenge seems like a more formidable and pre-planned endgame.

Sindy’s leaving comment tonight was that with the girls, in a few years time, we ‘ain’t seen nothing yet’! Oh dear – roll on the the next stages of the human condition!!! I believe it is a bit more settled for all from the ages of 7 – 10, so a little respite for now at any rate.