Please Don’t Ask!

I really don’t know how this headdress found its way into the house, let alone onto Caleb’s head. Oh dear, life can be very confusing at the age of 3, almost 4.

A fun day visiting a friend for lunch. Thea was a great host, 9 children catered for, plus 3 adults. Salmon with honey – a great choice of protein, new potatoes and broccoli. We all had a great time. Thank you so much! A real shame that the chocolate fountain didn’t work out, but maybe a blessing in disguise on reflection.

A night out at the Woodspeen restaurant in woodspeen to boot, I feel a little bloated at this point, just as well it’s time for bed.

Looking forward to the weekend!

A Quiet (or not so) Few Days


It has been a quiet few days. No really – it has. Summing it up, there has been no all encompassing change of direction from our usual ‘organised chaos’, rather a little less stress from the little ones. Thor has been better behaved, though there is still the occasional steam, whistling from his kettle. He earned his iPad (Kindle 7) for 3 days of good behaviour, due to, let’s say, a marked change in his outbursts. Of course they still exist, but overall, he has behaved better. He is much more articulate and he certainly has shown within these last 6 months Overall, that he wants to be good. Just like Aaliyah, there is a significant amount of hope, that he ascends into the mantle of being a big boy (for Aaliyah girl) and being able to start ‘Big School’ in three months time. We have of course considered Caleb’s situation. It is difficult, but if you look on the surface, he is trying so very hard. His diction is certainly getting better, though his ability to articulate at the dinner table, without slouching or dropping more than he consumes! Well, we are still in two minds…

Aaliyah is definitely ready for ‘Big School’ – Mrs Snodgrass will be disappointed that her school for naughty children, will miss out on Aaliyah’s attendance, as will Mr Strickland from ‘Baby Camp’. Please keep your fingers crossed in these coming summer months. I really want them to all start this new and exciting chapter together.

P.S. remember that Mrs Snodgrass and Mr Strickland are fictional characters!

That’s all for now – thank you for reading.

The Bank Holiday Roasty

You might remember in earlier blogs, the drama that surrounds roast meals in our house. They were never easy and most of the time we went without any dessert, due to the sheer amount left on the children’s plates. Thor loves Yorkshire puddings sometimes and hates them at others. Aaliyah’s plate is usually untouched. And Caleb tends to wear his meal opposed to actually eating it. On the other hand, our oldest two, Tara and Amritsar, absolutely love a roast dinner. Both wanting seconds and even thirds. The shoulder of lamb went down well. They both enjoyed the flavour and are quite aware that lamb was today’s source of protein. Aaliyah however started to question ‘what – lamb, this is baby lamb’! Oh dear, we may have a veggie vegan in later years as she scrutinises her meat options often. Now, all of our children eat well and love chicken and pork. We don’t often eat lamb, but it was good to have the ‘where does our food come from debate’. Did I say that Aaliyah refused to eat anything on her plate? Thor ate his own body weight in roast potatoes, but very little else.

We will perceive of course with roast meals on high days and holidays, I am sure that things will get easier with time!

Making Cubes

Dadda’s ‘Design and Make’ today was an up cycle of the recycle with Tara and I. We talked about ‘Stuff’ and we decided to go with cubes and trains! We learnt new scissor skills and the art of making templates. Firstly I corrected Tara’s rather shoddy cutting by saying that we always cut away from ourselves. Something you’d have thought, would have been on the agenda at school. But when I saw Tara cutting a circle by twisting the scissors in all directions. I soon put her straight (we turn the paper and not the scissors) and we got going on cutting six squares for each cube, using the first square that we cut, as a template. Tara got colouring and I showed her how to assemble the cubes. Lots of sticky tape later – voila! Job well done.