Hounded off the Dogs Bed


You might be aware that the only ones who do not sleep on the dogs bed in our house are the dogs! Yes, Remus and Gracie can always be found on the sofas – so much so, that it is generally me that snuggles up on the dogs bed in the evening, post the children’s bed time and the children enjoy the enlarged cushion in the daytime hours. John is staying in London tonight and once I said to Remus and Gracie ‘no John tonight, just Andi, Remus and Gracie’, they completely understand that it is only us here tonight. There is suddenly no whining, waiting for Johns arrival, they know that it’s just them and me. Well tonight they decided that they needed to be close – for twenty minutes they nuzzled and walked around in circles, trying to get settled on that said ‘dogs bed’, with me sprawled out ‘akimbo’. Very unusual behaviour, as they love the sofa so much. Well, there I was, lying in the middle of the dogs bed and both nudged for space to the rear and front of my relaxed slumber. The result was me, finally getting up as there is only so much space on the said cushion and here we conclude their somewhat strange behaviour and I now sit in the sofa whilst the dogs are chilled in front of the television on the dogs bed. Oh, our hounds are always surprising me, even after 10 very long and engrossed years of cohabitation. Remus and Gracie, they certainly broke the mold when you were both created in nature’s expression… Remus is now looking up with a look of contentment – he really is quite unique.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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