The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit

What with all that has been going on, I forgot to mention our first visit from the tooth fairy. Whilst John and I were basking in the sunshine of Brighton over the weekend. Back at home, our clan went for a walk in the woods with our nanny Sindy. And as they had walked for some time, provisions were dispensed on the way home in the guise of chocolate hobnobs, you know, to restore energy levels and all of that. Amritsar’s bottom front left tooth has been loose for around a week. So we were expecting the inevitability of the tooth fairy’s visit, but sadly we were not here for the actual moment of the loss of the tooth. Anyhow, the chocolate hobnob was enough to release the said tooth from Amritsar’s mouth. Sindy immediately texted us with a photo and we stared in awe of the little space at the bottom of her jaw.

Now isn’t there a saying that for every door that closes, a window opens? And for sure there was! Personally, I do t remember a lot about the process of loosing teeth in favour or our second set as a little one, but just behind the hole that has replaced Amritsar’s lost baby tooth is a very pronounced ‘Big Tooth’, that she will live with from this day hence…

John did a grand job sneaking upstairs on Sunday night to replace the tooth under the pillow with a shiny, one pound coin! To be honest, I think she was expecting more, what with inflation. But we are going to have many, many more visits from the tooth fairy over the next few of years of course. So, they will have to accept that one pound is sufficient and we will have to perfect our stealth abilities won’t we?

Frosty Blossoms

As the picture will assert, I am not talking about a rather busty porn star, rather this mornings weather, here in ‘The Shires’. However the chilly frost soon gave way to a cloudless sky. Tara is presently at film club and Amritsar has joined Sindy and the little ones at the park, to wait until Tara is ready for home at 4pm. The weather is a sweet 17 degrees and the sky is deep blue in its hue. Springtime is edging its way and the local crocus and daffodils are all in full bloom. With a late Easter this year and this early warm spell, I think the daffodils will be but a memory by the time the little ones are enacting their ‘Easter Parade’ at preschool.

We finally got home yesterday at 1.30pm and The guys ran amuck pretty much until bedtime. Sindy had showered the three little ones that morning, so there were just the girls to shower before bed. We both had an early night, given the great time that was had in Brighton at out friends wedding. Thank you both (Victoria and Glen). Hopefully we can meet up and make a weekend of things when the Summer is here proper. It was nice to see Remus’s son Fenton in Brighton as he is part of their family. He’s just as ‘Crazy’ as Remus – for that they have my sincerest admiration. Dalmatians are not an easy breed, but definitely one of the most loveable. Sending big hugs…

The Metropole Brighton

Checked in this afternoon after lunch in a great restaurant in Hassocks called ‘The Fig Tree’. Now about to get some sleep after eating Thai food and drinking white wine. Sindy at home with the children until Sunday morning when we return. John complaining about the smell of the room! I thought it would be a treat to have a smoking room, just for 2 nights, but he’s right it does smell – another reason to quit the habit, though I don’t think that will be possible until the little ones are a bit less stressful and full on. I will tell you all about the wedding tomorrow, so for now, I bid you goodnight.

So, what’s been going on?

Maybe a better title would have been ‘So, what’s NOT been going on? Thor broke his iPad (Kindle Fire), though it’s fixed now. They presently all have their devices (excluding Caleb). I gave in after four small voices wore me down after half an hour of ‘I want my iPad, I want my iPad’, Prior to this they all had digestive biscuits after – you guessed it, half an hour of ‘I want a biscuit, I want a biscuit’. This was just after a half hour chorus of ‘I want some crisps, I want some crisps’ (we don’t do crisps very often). Okay, I won’t bore you with any more rhapsody, but Thor threw an entire cup of orange squash on the kitchen floor and Caleb handed me a squashed piece of poo from his nappy that was lying on the floor beside him, yuk.

I am smelling mushrooms at present. No, not the psilocybin variety, rather chestnut mushrooms drying in the food dehydrator. Pasties for their dinner, so nice and easy today and maybe wedges, better get them in the oven pronto.

I just booked a flight to Hungary on airmiles as I have to have some major dental work on that toothache I mentioned a number of weeks back. Flight £35 and a four star hotel besides the dentist £100 for 2 nights. With the work half the price to here in the U.K., a no brainier really. I will have to return there in a month or two, but maybe john and I can make a mini break out of that and discover a new city together!

Caleb is wandering around the living room without purpose as they are all ignoring him as all are transfixed with their devices. Poor Caleb, he doesn’t know where to focus. Though he has just stuffed Tara’s ‘Elmer’ from Sesame Street fame, behind the television and he is trying to burst Amritsar’s blue balloon. The devil hath work for idle hands…

Oh and did I mention that Thor has contracted ‘shingles’? They all had a very mild form of chicken pox a couple of years ago. It was great, we thought we had gotten that one out of the way early on. Nobody mentioned that it was still possible to get ‘shingles’. I thought that one was only possible to catch in middle age! Oh well, he’s on acyclovir four times daily. I hope the rash looks better before Monday and his return to preschool…

I recently reserved – just in case you couldn’t remember my blog address and this new web address should get you to the same place – I just gave it a go and I found myself looking back at me. Now, why am I sharing this information? I guess because I am thinking about what is in a description? To be honest, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to connect the description of what my blog and diary is, to the website itself. When I ‘google’ Andi Webb, some other person comes up as being with my name! However if I ‘google’ or ‘bing’ diary of a Gay Dad, comes up at the top of the list. And as much as I am okay that my name and spelling of it is shared by a number of people and indeed there are also many gay dads out there who blog, I appreciate that it is my blog that you have come to read!

So, can I take this moment to thank everyone of my readers who take a few moments out of their hectic lives to hear about what’s going on, here in the Shires.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH (more tomorrow).

Spin, Spin, Spin

I did say in an earlier diary entry that I would show you Remus, doing what he does best! And here he is whirling like a Dervish. At present he is sat beside me on the sofa, as is Gracie, looking a lot more chilled. The children have just gone up for a shower with Sindy, before going to bed. Remus has just let out an almighty sigh and is nuzzling his nose into the corner of the sofa. It’s a hard life for a dog isn’t it.