The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit


What with all that has been going on, I forgot to mention our first visit from the tooth fairy. Whilst John and I were basking in the sunshine of Brighton over the weekend. Back at home, our clan went for a walk in the woods with our nanny Sindy. And as they had walked for some time, provisions were dispensed on the way home in the guise of chocolate hobnobs, you know, to restore energy levels and all of that. Amritsar’s bottom front left tooth has been loose for around a week. So we were expecting the inevitability of the tooth fairy’s visit, but sadly we were not here for the actual moment of the loss of the tooth. Anyhow, the chocolate hobnob was enough to release the said tooth from Amritsar’s mouth. Sindy immediately texted us with a photo and we stared in awe of the little space at the bottom of her jaw.

Now isn’t there a saying that for every door that closes, a window opens? And for sure there was! Personally, I do t remember a lot about the process of loosing teeth in favour or our second set as a little one, but just behind the hole that has replaced Amritsar’s lost baby tooth is a very pronounced ‘Big Tooth’, that she will live with from this day hence…

John did a grand job sneaking upstairs on Sunday night to replace the tooth under the pillow with a shiny, one pound coin! To be honest, I think she was expecting more, what with inflation. But we are going to have many, many more visits from the tooth fairy over the next few of years of course. So, they will have to accept that one pound is sufficient and we will have to perfect our stealth abilities won’t we?

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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