Frosty Blossoms

I am not talking about a rather busty porn star, rather this mornings weather, here in ‘The Shires’. However the chilly frost soon gave way to a cloudless sky. Tara is presently at film club and Amritsar has joined Sindy and the little ones at the park, to wait until Tara is ready for home at 4pm. The weather is a sweet 17 degrees and the sky is deep blue in its hue. Springtime is edging its way and the local crocus and daffodils are all in full bloom. With a late Easter this year and this early warm spell, I think the daffodils will be but a memory by the time the little ones are enacting their ‘Easter Parade’ at preschool.

We finally got home yesterday at 1.30pm and The guys ran amuck pretty much until bedtime. Sindy had showered the three little ones that morning, so there were just the girls to shower before bed. We both had an early night, given the great time that was had in Brighton at out friends wedding. Thank you both (Victoria and Glen). Hopefully we can meet up and make a weekend of things when the Summer is here proper. It was nice to see Remus’s son Fenton in Brighton as he is part of their family. He’s just as ‘Crazy’ as Remus – for that they have my sincerest admiration. Dalmatians are not an easy breed, but definitely one of the most loveable. Sending big hugs…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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