Looking for Grandma Jean

My mother passed away 4 years ago now. She had very sadly never met our youngest three children. We do miss her as we do Granny Hazel and we do keep their names spoken and remembered every so often.

My mother found a new route in later life whilst living a full life in Victoria in Australia! She acted in a couple of adverts and was an extra in a few television programs and even the movie ‘Charlottes Web’.

I have watched the movie once or twice before but have never managed to find her scenes. I believe they gave her a closeup in the hairdressers scene, but today after Tara and Thor had adopted the spider from behind the sofa, she quite specifically found ‘Charlottes Web’ on Netflix.

To my surprise, I found myself watching very closely for any of the scenes that my mother might have been in. And today I struck gold!

Thank you Jo, David, Adele and Hardy for your company and the bubbles at cake cutting time. And also the melody of ‘Happy Birthday to Me’.

Another person there at the time of my actual birthday was of course my mother ‘Grandma Jean’ and today I thank you for being there for me… in loving memory – Rest in Peace.

Happy Birthday Dadda

Today’s post might sound a bit self indulgent, but the title might have given it away, yes I am one year the wiser today.

The holiday house is lightly dusted with a mass of paper confetti as the children are doing their thing, making Dadda a multitude of paper Birthday stuff! So I guess a lot of tidying up to do in a bit!

Yesterday’s visit to a softplay centre and animal farm went extremely well. A video of the children’s antics later on perhaps.

A birthday spent on our chilly, rainy and windswept Atlantic coastline is a first for me. A few patches of blue sky to be seen at present, alongside the squawking of sea gulls! On the subject of presents, thank you Sindy for the bottle of Blue Sapphire Gin – it will be surely needed come this evening. My gift from John will be a few days in arriving however! As you may remember, my iPhone has all but died on me! Yes, the Apple Corporation has won. Time for a new phone sadly.

Tara has just found a spider behind the sofa and her and Thor have adopted it! We are a far cry from the old days when Tara would have simply shrieked and Thor would have just squished it!

The howling of storm Dennis is still with us! Caleb has been practicing his howling! I thought that he was trying to sound like a wolf, but when they all started howling, I realised that it was the wind that he was trying to emulate.

An update later perhaps and if I find time, that video of pure enjoyment at the softplay. They had such a great time, Tara and friend Malky hid when it was time to leave. It took 20 minutes to find them hiding In a cylindrical slide!

Thank you for reading.

We Got Here – Storm Dennis Howling Away

Yes, we arrived at the holiday house in Cornwall at around 5pm this evening. Storm Dennis has been growling at us all day. And now that we are settled on the UK’s Atlantic coast, it’s whining and huffing can be heard loudly, even through the double glazed windows of the beach house.

We were all rather tired come the children’s bedtime, but we managed to settle them and went on to watch a movie with a couple of glasses of wine once they were sleeping.

On previous holidays the children have refused to settle, in fact the first nights have been impossible really. But on this occasion, bedtime was bedtime! The comatose state that we were all left with after last nights sleep deprivation has guaranteed their compliance with Mr Sandman!

Off to bed myself in a moment, seeing friends tomorrow, updates then – nite nite.

Three Hours Sleep and Rearing To Go

Yawn, yawn and about to broom broom. I foolishly stayed awake until 1am last night, John had wisely gone up around 11pm. Little did we know that come 4am the children would amass to our room and invade the bed. I took 10 minutes to decide to evacuate myself to the living room and kip down with the dogs on the sofa. Fifteen minutes later and Thor arrived exclaiming if we were leaving yet! It’s the middle of the night I informed him and sent him back upstairs. Another twenty minutes passed and in came John, shortly after, in followed the entire crew.

Sleeping arrangements for the next hour or two, and this is on two separate three seater sofas, me Remus and Gracie on one sofa with Caleb lying on top of me and then daddy with Tara, Amritsar, Aaliyah and Thor on the second sofa.

Come 7am I just gave up on the idea of sleep and put a movie on for the children on Netflix. John returned upstairs for an extra hours sleep – he is doing a five hour drive shortly after all! Me, I can grab an hours sleep in the car later I guess…

Happy Holidays hey!

School Disco

Today was the last day of School and half term begins. The children were all home at 3.30pm and a dinner of hotdogs and Dadda’s home made barbecued chicken wings was consumed early in order to allow them to return to school for a disco!

I hope they have a good time. I remember one of my final school discos back in the day. Smoking behind the bike sheds (literally) and under aged drinking were what I remember mostly! I guess that we have all of that to come!

Imagine ‘Diary of a Gay Dad – The Teenage years’ just might be an entertaining read. Though I believe that we have a few calm years to come before the storm! Fingers crossed on that front.

Triple Cooked Chips

Yes, that is what I missed the most in these last 6 weeks of pre- agrarian and that was what I enjoyed most last night for my big Birthday meal! The scallops for my starter were fine and the lamb rump for my main was fine, but the triple cooked chips were the best! I didn’t even bother with a dessert!

On the subject of food, I spent half of the morning bagging up dry food for our holiday in Cornwall tomorrow! And some of this afternoon assembling clothes for myself and the obligatory collection known as ‘toiletries’. Quite why this assemblage of items ended up with that name, I really don’t know!

I’ve been very good on the carbohydrate front. You know, it’s a real change of habit, now avoiding carbs rather than banning them outright. I’m just going to see where that goes! I’m rather looking forward to sharing that box of Prestat chocolates with John that was left over from Christmas.

Oh! Before I forget – all the best to Margie, one of my wonderful readers, she is on her journey home to Denver (Colorado) today from her big adventure! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. It all sounded totally amazing.

On that note, maybe a bit about my holiday tomorrow guys.