24 Hour Upgrade

What with the Apple Corporation killing my iPhone 6 Plus, I have had to do the upgrade that they would like us all to do. How did they do this you might ask! Well, firstly they stated that ‘older iPhones’ might encounter problems! Then they purposely uploaded software that would slowly kill your phone. They did tell us that this was going to happen after all, so not all bad eh? I believe that the French Government has fined the Apple Corporation millions of Euros for this practice. The U.K. government couldn’t give a damn!

The first of their killings was iMovie. No longer available on the 6 Plus. Then with the latest IOS update in early February (for phones older than iPhone 7), they killed my fingerprint recognition, then the phones microphone died, people could hardly hear me on a phone call! Though strangely, no problem with a WhatsApp or Skype call (so definitely not a hardware problem). There is also the situation of different apps just popping up all over the shop! Oh dear, they really have destroyed what was a perfectly good phone. A phone that I saved up for and purchased it with pride, as I have with all of my previous iPhone purchases.

Upgrades in the past, I made by choice. On this occasion, I was forced to put £330 down and signup for a new 2 year contract in order to pay the outstanding cost of the phone with O2, even though I am still on contact with three mobile with over a year to run.

My partner John has very kindly paid the deposit as a birthday gift. I thank him for that. So, yesterday I started my search with a look on the apple website considering a trade in. And to my absolute surprise, they had (de)valued my iPhone 6 Plus to £60, pretty much the cost of a decent lunch for two in a nice restaurant! So, at this moment in time, I am really not ‘feeling the love’ when it comes to corporate greed and the Apple Corporation.

So 24 hours ago I looked into the part payment and contract option with mobiles.co.uk and now, I sit here with my new iPhone 11 setting it up. It arrived at 9am this morning. Oh, I almost forgot, a new phone number to boot.

Does anyone know how I text my entire contact list telling everybody that I have a new number as a result of a forced upgrade?

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