That Darned Bear

You might remember that all of the children have a very special soft toy! Tara has her beloved Kangy and Kit. Thank you uncle Paul and auntie Kylie for that. You may also recall Thor’s much treasured MiMi (John’s baby gift) and his new, much loved Paddington bear, a gift for Christmas from Sindy. Aaliyah on the other hand, has a little pack of dogs (she loves dogs) including Remus and Gracie we have Doggy and Doggy, the latter Doggy being a Christmas gift from myself. Now, Caleb ‘bonded’ with Chicky, an Easter toy who used to only come out at Easter, but Caleb took pity on him a year or two back and made him a much loved full time soft toy! And finally we come to Amritsar and her very strong bond with a little white and green bear called Gurney, a gift from cousins James and Theo. Little did we know that from a pile of their old and slightly tattered baby bears brought over on a visit when the girls were still babies, that Gurney would be elevated to that special mantle of ‘Much Loved Bestie’!

No, Gurney did not come down this week for a nose piercing, rather for the fact that he had his little button nose nibbled off last week by Tarka, our friends dog whilst on our East Devon visit. I thought that the best way forward was to darn his nose back into existence and Darn away I did.

Not quite as good as new, but certainly as good as having to make do. Amritsar is smiling once again and Gurney is gurning away as happy as can be.

The next morning Kangy appeared for some surgery on his neck, the following morning was Paddington’s turn for a full back seam operation. Everyone is happy once more!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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