Baby Pictures (Caleb)

Well, last of tonight’s ‘Bay Pics’ to show. Caleb snuggling up with our biggest baby Remus (and Gracie). He was such a happy baby, so easy going, so chilled. I can see why big sister Tara kind of adopted him. Wow – they are really so close. Some proper writing and updates tomorrow I promise. But I hope you enjoyed today’s little bout of nostalgia…

Baby Pictures (Aaliyah)

And we come to our Aaliyah! Well known for sucking her fingers! Though she has done well over the last months – sadly a few weeks ago she has taken up her old habits once again. She had stopped for maybe 3 months. Looking back she has her fingers in her mouth in almost all of her pics! Now, if Tara can stop sucking her thumb at nighttime, I am sure that there is hope for Aaliyah.

She would be around 12 months at this point as this was the summer of 2016. Again, like her brother Thor, a very committed contender for getting crawling under her belt! Well done!

Baby Pictures (Thor)

Baby Thor at just 6 months old. Not quite ready to crawl, but I remember that it was funny to see him attempting to push his bum in the air trying to propel himself forward. A very determined little fellow. But he was quite the screamiest baby of all time.

Perhaps I will finish the trip down memory lane in a few hours time with Aaliyah and Caleb and a few of their baby moments at home, here in ‘The Shires’.

Remember that I did not get home with all of the children, being born abroad for some time! Eighteen Moons in fact. Perhaps I will post a few pics of my time in India (Eight months), Thailand (5 months) and finally Nepal (5 months) in a couple of days. The story is of course available via the Amazon platform, simply by searching ‘Eighteen Moons’. An extraordinary and hopefully inspiring story indeed… Thanks for reading.

Baby Pictures (Amritsar)

Nothing much going on today as everyone behaving splendidly! Well almost…

I decided to have a look on my camera roll and pick out a key moment when the lighting was just right, when the first of our children just seemed to look like the perfect aura! Lighting helps a lot of course and this little series of snaps of Amritsar looks like she has that perfect aura and that all essential lighting! Aged just 10 months old, our beautiful daughter…