Thor’s Epic Attempt to Count to 1000

Bless him, he has just reached 400, so quite a way to go! At least it will keep him occupied for a while. Even with him constantly forgetting where he is up to and Daddy and Dadda are being forever prompted as to what number he was on!

Aaliyah has just vomited! Daddy has given her some water and told her to not suck her fingers so much or let the dogs lick her face as often as she does!

I’ve just put out another load of washing and Tara has helped out by pre-mopping the kitchen floor for me! She does like the mop for some reason, though she is not enamoured by cleaning the house in any way whatsoever. But I realised that her help with the kitchen floor means that I just have to give it a very quick once over when she is done! Simple and thank you Tara.

Daddy is trying to work from the living room table at present! And Thor keeps pestering him ‘what was I up to daddy, what was i up to’?

We were awoken this morning with their usual bed invasion. The time was about 5.45am. It is only 9.45 at present, I feel that the day has been long already! Aaliyah has just run into the kitchen with an ever so angry cry, she looked at me and has just run back out to the bottom of the stairs in tears! Clearly I am the last person she wants to see just now!

Remus is whining away beside me for his dinner! Can you believe that he used to be fed at 4pm! He is wired on a 23 hour clock you see! His and a Graces dinner time has been moved forward in increments of 30 minutes again, again and again!

Aaliyah is now in just her nickers rooting through the recycle bag! Where are your clothes I ask! No answer! She has just pushed the general rubbish bin over. It’s going to be one of those days, I can see it!

‘Settle down Remus’ I say ‘it’s too early’. Thor is now up to 500 give or take! Well done, though the truth is he has consistently missed his 40’s through 80’s, but he is counting with such confidence, I cannot fault his enthusiasm!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

15 thoughts on “Thor’s Epic Attempt to Count to 1000”

    1. Thank you Greg – we are going to finish tomorrow now as he was feeling a bit peeky after lunch! Seems as right as rain now in preparation for the witching hour blues! Fingers crossed for a smooth transition to sleepy land! 🙂

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  1. Andi, I think it’s wonderful that Thor is on his way to counting to 1000! 🙂
    Your time with the children has been very engrossing, to say the least. LOL
    I have always been a firm believer that we can learn many things from children, how much patience we have, for instance. 🙂

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    1. He missed out quite a few 10’s however! You know the 40’s – 80’s for instance, but what he did manage, he managed with confidence! 🙂
      And yes, patience can be pushed to new limits – especially with Thor! Aheeem!!!

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  2. Omg your house sounds as crazy as ours right now! Aaliyah and the dog-licking thing.. Yep. This is actually exactly what I’m prepping for Friday’s post. Stuff we wish we didn’t have to explain to our kids, right? If you have any more golden moments like that from your fam, do pass my way. Well done, Thor. That’s superb concentration. Not sure I could make it to 100 today..

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      1. Will do – though very unusually he has gone up for a snooze alone! Very unlike him. Mind you we’ve all been out in the garden – a tad warm, but maybe that early morning was tagged onto a late night! Tara tends to try to keep them all awKe for as long as possible! Hmmmh!!!

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