Dadda Gets Jammin’

Was it early last week when I made the grape jelly and black cherry jam? Well, I haven’t completely forgotten about these two glistening red gems.

I have both recipes in my head and I am about to share them with you today, this Easter Sunday. Oh! Happy Easter to you. I am not particularly religious and like politics, I dare not share a view on this, my blog. Enough said!

Black Cherry Jam:


1kg frozen, pitted black cherries

650g apple pulp (for a good set)

100ml Lemon Juice

1.5kg sugar


Make your apple pulp, or if like me you have previously done this and put it in the freezer, defrost overnight, along with your frozen Cherries. Now, I’m using this amount of apple in this jam as cherries release a lot of juice! Your jam will only taste of cherry, so do not worry about the apple taste as there will be none! The apple is only there for its ability to gel your jam. No expensive shop brought pectin! Okay, we’re good to go!

Sterilise your jam jars, jam funnel and ladle in your dishwasher. Then, in a heavy based saucepan, add your cherries and lemon juice (from a jar). Bring to a slow simmer for 10 minutes then crush gently with a potato masher. Add your apple pulp, stir with a wooden spoon and continue to cook for a further few minutes. Pour in your sugar and stir until dissolved. The mixture will become glossy in appearance. Cook your jam for a maximum of 20 minutes, on a rolling boil. Stir every couple of minutes to avoid any pith burning to the base of your pan. Remember that there is a good amount of evaporation and that gel can be tested by letting the mixture drop from the side of a wooden spoon in those last minutes of cooking. It should fall in loose clumps! After the cooking time your jam is ready to jar up. Remember to close the lids tightly and resterilise the jars for 20 additional minutes.

Yes, another jam flavour that sits very well with us grownups. Great drizzled on pretty much anything for a sweet treat to enjoy!

Homegrown Grape Jelly recipe in a short while!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

7 thoughts on “Dadda Gets Jammin’”

  1. I love cherries and know I would love this jam.
    Thanks for the recipe, Andi. 🙂

    Speaking of books I just wanted to tell you that I went to Amazon last night to leave a review of your book ‘Eighteen Moons’ but was not able to do as it said I have not met the eligibility requirements (which is wrong as I have spent much more than $50 in the past year.) But what happened was a few months ago I lost my wallet at my pharmacy and it was never returned to me, and whoever found it and kept it tried to use my credit card at Amazon and my account was cancelled. Thieves at work!
    I am sorry was not able to leave a review there.
    I would just say to whoever might read this that Andi’s book is very heartfelt and touching.
    Andi writes in the first person narrative and I enjoyed his writing very much.
    Andi and his partner John overcame many odds in their quest of international surrogacy.
    The book is filled with a lot of humor which I loved.
    I so enjoyed this book that I did not want the story to end.

    Andi, I hope you all had a lovely Easter together,
    I am late to your post as I was not online till now.
    There are some days I just need a break from social media.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Margie

      I thank you so very much for your words of review. And sorry that your account had earlier been compromised. Your words written here are really appreciated. That must have been an unpleasant time with your credit card in the hands of a criminal.

      Our International surrogacy story did need to be documented! The timeline of things for us was unfortunate. I tried to forget, but finally realised that it needed to be remembered!

      I appreciate that you read the story Margie. My blog was ventured upon in order to highlight the book. But the blog ended up defining itself as it’s very own unique chronicle, didn’t it.

      Thank you so much…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, like my last book ‘Thirteen Moons More’ with diary based content, Dadda Gets Jammin’ would be a recipe book, but an interlaced assemblage of family life thrown in! A recipe book that’s not entirely a recipe book!!! 😉


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