Star of Wonder

Star of night, star of royal beauty bright! And for Tara, a wise man in the children’s nativity, she was truly a beauty bright! As for our three little camels, I can only imagine that they will gain confidence as they grow. Caleb spent the performance slouching with his fingers firmly inserted in his mouth and the snots cascading from his nose. Aaliyah faired slightly better. For the most, she was walking in front of her wise man Pip. Thor on the other hand thought that it was acceptable to off his camel headdress and the outer layer of camel costume and do the ad-lib version of the story. In the nativity of preschool last year he just ran to daddy and refused to go back on stage! I guess he at least stayed on the stage this year! Amritsar did an amazing job as narrator. She learnt all of her lines and believe me, there were a lot to learn. Her fellow story teller was good, but spent half of the time looking down and reading them from script. Amritsar on the other hand looked at the audience confidently and then threw a strong, very coherent voice. Job well done.

Did I mention that photos were strictly prohibited at the performance, this was due to a number of parents insisting on not wanting possible images of their children to be taken by a third party and possibly ending up on social media. I understand this point of view, but surely the ability to crop an image is quite simple really. A good friend Glen could not believe this to be the case. But there you go!

No blog entries since the performance, so I hope this small blog entry will make up for that!

It is the children’s schools Christmas party this afternoon. They even got to wear their civvies to school for the donation of £1 each to raise money for the PTFA. John and I are meeting them at school and joining them for the party. Sadly the annual Christmas Fair was cancelled in favour of the party. There just wasn’t the people to volunteer their time to set up a bigger event.

Well, the weekend is almost upon us. Maybe an update later…

Frozen Fog Here in The Shires

It is that time of year again when the frost bears down on us and that frozen fog gives the woodland a magical, enchanted feel.

The week so far has consisted of breakfasts, some baking and dinner times really. The children are enjoying their chocolate advent calendar’s (thank you Sindy) and the usual slops and spills that accompany their breakfast cereal routine, plus there’s been the occasional chocolate treats of Dadda’s candies that were left over from the preschool pamper event!

This afternoon sees Daddy and Dadda attending the children’s Nativity play at 2pm at their school, for which the children have been practicing their lines for a number of weeks now. No easy feat as Amritsar with her great reading skills As she was chosen to be one of the two narrators. Tara with friends Pip and Harriet are playing the three wise men and our little ones are supporting in the very important role of the three Camels. Well, I never! It was a donkey and a couple of sheep back in my day!

A bit of a falling out this morning with the whatsapp group for Tara and Amritsar’s year. It seems that Dadda’s donation of ‘Dadda’s Jam’ was not put in the year 2’s Christmas Hamper, seemingly not deemed ‘Christmassy’ enough perhaps! It’s funny isn’t it? When giving, one doesn’t seek gratitude, but you would hope that your gift actually got included in the request!

Anyhow – that’s country life for you, here in ‘The Shires’.

I just opened the first Christmas card of the season, so I guess that deserves a mention. Thank you dear friend Andy from Winchester. Seasons greetings Xx

Last Chance to Write This

The children about to arrive home from School. It is Monday afternoon. No mishaps this morning. Sindy dropped the guys to the school gate, all barr Caleb that is. Caleb and she progressed on to the hospital for Caleb to have a final checkup on his ears. He was given the okay and Sindy dropped him back to school. This final consultation leaves us with the information that we had always considered. Caleb is a pretty regular little boy. He just gets to where he wants to be a little slower than his twin sister Aaliyah.

Aaliyah is off with Sindy after the others are dropped to the house for Gymnastics Class. Then home and bed for them all.

Our weekend was great. It started with a meal out on Friday night for John and myself. A place called the Pot and Kiln. When we finally arrived, the welcome and the food were great (very Gamey). You could not get any more rural really. The place was essentially in a farmers field!

Saturday saw the return of friends Glen and Victoria with their three children Lucy, Aiden and Fi. Chips’n’Choices was enjoyed and my first minced pie of the year was served with an option of either cream or ice cream for dessert. Simple, but tasty enough. We had a roast chicken luncheon followed by a relaxing afternoon. Thank you guys for sharing your time – it’s always a pleasure.

Last night saw daddy do bath time alone. Sindy called in and we drove over to the pamper event organised by the little ones old preschool. Dadda’s Jam stall was set up and Dadda got Jammin’. A good night was had – thank you to Sarah and Ellie for inviting us. And Ellie – a personal thank you to both you and your mum. I hope you enjoy your selection of Dadda’s Jam.

We had a roofer over this morning, to hopefully have made my nights a little more peaceful when it rains. Various trades people have visited in the past to fix a leaky roof. Yet there remains the drip, drip, drip above my side of the bed. I have woken in the past to being completely soaked! There is a bowl catching the water actually above my head. It is a 4 poster bed, so obscured from my view. But when it rains – drip, drip, drip. Anyhow, fingers crossed. I think the next rain is forecast for the end of the week. I will let you know after then as to if the roofers endeavours have paid off,..

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Well I’ve just gone and done it and asked Alexa (in the kitchen) to play ‘Christmas Music’ and guess what? She only played Bing Crosby and the Andrew’s Sisters rendition of ‘A Partridge in a Pair Tree’, our last years homage to Christmas. I will have to upload the videos for your perusals.

So, am I feeling any more Christmassy as a result? The jury is out on that score. We are buying our Christmas tree next weekend. So, I might continue this train of thought then.

But for now, my seasonal commiserations to you all. OMG it’s creeping up on us!


Our feast of the leftovers is not for tonight, rather an actual ‘THING’ I am planning on offering friends tomorrow night. If you have read my blog, you will know that our fairly regular endorsement of Chips’n’Choices is a fun thing we do with the children at the end of the week, but with them all eating a main meal at school nowadays (I’m cooking for them less), this event is becoming more and more infrequent.

I thought that it would be fun for their three children too! Only problem was that I looked in the fridge this morning and alas, all we had was some cold broccoli pesto pasta and a little chilli con carne! Drat – that wouldn’t do. So, I had to get cooking, just in order to actually have some leftovers. Okay, garlic mushrooms (Victoria is a Vegetarian), a root vegetable terrine and a chicken curry were cooked, plus a pasty, some chicken dippers and some nut loaf were all summoned from the freezer! Gosh – we will be eating well of the not so left over leftovers tomorrow night!

More on the weekend as it finds us!

Writing a Diary Can Be Hard at Times

Accounting for things has its own cost, doesn’t it? Remembering moments isn’t always easy. Thirteen months ago, when I started this diary, I begged a question! ‘It is all about the small things – isn’t it?’

Well, accounting and remembering the small things is all I have to offer really. And sometimes it can hurt a little. I am feeling just a little bit sad today!

From the very beginning, I knew that honesty itself had its very own price. Anyhow, onwards and upwards.

Tara Cuts Her Own Hair Once More

With Deep Regret I update you on the ongoing saga of ‘Midnight Haircuts’! Our beautiful Tara has secretly continued to work on her fringe! Those long locks that caressed her adoring cheeks are now a thing of the past. We have to accept that what is done – is done.

At dinner time yesterday evening the penny just dropped and I asked out loud ‘Tara, what have you done to your hair, you promised me that you would leave hair cutting to the professionals’? She told me that she had not touched it and then proceeded to cry. My heart broke for her. I think the pictures say it all really.

I bit my lip and took the kitchen scissors out of the draw and evened up the very badly cut fringe. I know that we will look back at moments like this and smile. But for now, it is a wry smile and a saddened heart.