Food Glorious Food, But For How along

These last days have seen a myriad of dishes in our household, culminating in tonight’s Crispy skinned salmon, crushed peas, turned boiled potatoes and lobster bisque.

I haven’t turned a potato since catering college and the bisque was made today with frozen lobster and red shrimp shells and our last tube of tomato purée.

So many things are not available at the supermarket due to panic buying. This might just be the final ‘foodie’ blog from me for a while!

But then again, beans on toast are also off the menu due to baked beans and bread being in short supply, even cheese has joined that list of hard to find goods.

We have 2 more slots from booked, but after that, who knows where the next meal will come.

The freezer will hopefully help out for a while but my menu options might start to get a bit erratic.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

2 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food, But For How along”

  1. Lovely to see your family at the dinner table and all your food looks wonderful, Andi.
    We are in the same situation as you are, our shelves in the grocery store are quite empty,
    I myself am getting very anxious over the virus, it’s spreading like wildfire over here,
    Yesterday Trump was talking about workers going back to work as he is looking at the economy tanking and that is his greatest concern!
    If people go back to work, many more people will get the virus and many will die.
    Social distancing is difficult but it has to be done and will help in not spreading the virus,

    My best to you and your lovely family! 🙂

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