Another Day Of Lockdown

For us, today was day 13 of lockdown. But as you know, since that fated day almost 2 weeks ago now, when the children were all asked to leave school due to their coughs and snotty noses, the world as we know it has changed. There is no normality to return to on Wednesday morning as there is no school, no nanny Sindy, no workplace for John to go, nothing really left functioning outside of supermarkets and pharmacies! I really do hope that the home testing kit for identifying the antibody is available soon. At least then we can either know that we have had it and we are safe to anyone that we might come in contact with or this virus is just another cold that the children have brought home. This cold shows all of the signs, dry cough, congested lungs, etc, but John and Amritsar have had no symptoms at all. If we do get one of these self testing kits, I will of course update you on the results.

This staying at home indefinitely is a real ‘biggy’ to get your head around isn’t it? At least after Wednesday I hope that we can empty our terrace of the accumulated rubbish of two weeks. I realise now that we do generate an awful lot! I am really sorry that there is little wit in today’s post! Nothing to report on otherwise really, just another day of lockdown!

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4 thoughts on “Another Day Of Lockdown”

  1. Yes I heard the news regarding a lot of New Yorkers escaping down there – all a bit of a shambles! I’m hoping Mr Branson has some money in the coffers after his airline fails, what with BA, American etc. We’ll probably have to claim it back from the government, though I guess they’re 309 trillion or so in new debt (random figure)! A happier blog tomorrow I think.

    Thame care and hug your family lots Margie🤗


  2. Andi, oh my gosh, Miami is in bad shape now with the virus spreading . You would not want to be there.
    The Governor of Florida is not doing so well handling this crisis.
    I am thankful our Governor has done a good job.
    Glad your children are coping fine. 🙂

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  3. Andi, I am sending my best wishes that all you of will be okay!
    Take good care, my friend.
    Things here in the US are horrific and getting worse day by day! 😦
    Our Dr’s are dying from the virus as they work under conditions like you cannot imagine!
    Our death toll here in the US is now almost 2.500.


    1. I dared not press the like star what with the final comment you made Margie.

      You all take good care as well please!

      The children are coping just fine. It’s all a bit of a holiday being home! I wonder when they will get to go back and see their friends. A friend has quoted September! Oh dear. The UK has also reached above 1000.

      We had the family holiday to Cornwall cancelled as you know, but John and I were also due to fly to Miami in 3 or 4 weeks! That won’t be happening either! Like you in Denver – all in Lockdown. 😟

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