All Settled Now

A rundown of the last 24 hours would be a little torturous, but I will try to convey a few of the key moments! You might remember that Thor has had his moments as of late, but last night after the stresses of getting ready for bed, Thor refused to go up! Nothing we did was enough to ignite his rocket. He just sat on the stairs and screamed and screamed. Then he screamed some more…

Finally he ascended but wouldn’t settle. Daddy went up and all was finally well. This morning was an early enough start. They all came down for a 5.15am start to the day. And yes, as tired as I feel right now, it has been quite full on. Daddy has found the time to give the grass it’s first trim of the season. His pride and joy now looking grand with its carefully manicured stripes.

The children played in the garden for two hours and are presently being entertained by Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone! Settled at last.

Only 4 of the children sat for lunch. It was a charcuterie of cheese and cold meats. Thor was sent to bed yet again for another bout of extremely robust behaviour. To be honest, this cold is really taking it out of me. I prey it’s the real thing (covid 19) as I don’t think I could cope with another 14 days of complete isolation with Thor in close proximity! Just another 9 days left, but what then? I spoke to a friend yesterday and they seemed to think that school is now off pretty much until September! Is that really the case? Will daddy be able to go back to work? What will be the government’s directives be tomorrow, next week, let alone next month? Too many questions are lacking in clear, absolute answers, aren’t they?

A roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner tonight, with the obligatory roast potatoes, glazed carrots etc! I had best get back out there to tend to things. Just noticed, only Tara watching the TV at present, Thor seems to be on the rampage yet again!

Damn this cough, it is relentless!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

5 thoughts on “All Settled Now”

  1. My daughter was telling me yesterday that she thinks schools here in Colorado will not go back either till August.
    Trying days ahead for all of us, all over the world.
    Our snow is melting here but I think it will some time before we are cutting grass!
    (Post a picture of your beautifully manicured lawn,)
    I do hope you feel better soon and no more screaming from Thor.
    I am off to take a walk as my anxiety level today is sky-high.
    Hank is waiting for me.
    Cheers Andi 🙂

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    1. I will photograph the lawn tomorrow Margie as the sun is very low at this point in ‘The Shires’. I hope the walk will do it’s relaxing tonic! Woof woof to Hank from our hounds.

      I have joined a FB group on isolation families – can I send you the link or are you just about coping? They’re all going crazy now – post dinner. Roll on bedtime 🙂

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