The Time Has Come Today

The Chambers Brothers. The black power movement, Vietnam, the back seats of our car! This timeless classic resonates whenever we go on a long car journey. We were supposed to be leaving for Cornwall on Saturday. But the holiday cancelled, we all have to get on with things by staying at home now, don’t we?

Blessed with a large back garden, we are all (excluding daddy) playing in it as I speak. Well, I am actually doing my first sunbathe of the year and the children are running around like crazies! Tara just pushed Caleb, driving a toy dumper truck into our mobile speaker! Thankfully it still works, but with a few new scratches on it. Did I say, everything gets broken in our house, sooner or later!

So, as we are not driving anywhere anytime soon, that is bar Caleb in his dumper truck, we have been playing our song on the mobile speaker – The Time Has Come Today (HEY)! It’s the best song for counting the beats as the word ‘Hey’ comes in every so often and then midway it changes to ‘Time’! The song is really very well arranged. So we all wait for and sing the ‘hey’ and then the ‘time’! Silly really. But fun.

I do hope the children all sing when they are older and this song certainly helps them to count the notes and follow the music! Damn it, I’ll just say – we all have lots of fun doing it together – the whole family,

If you’ve not heard it a while, or simply can’t recall it, just ask Google or Alexa to play it for you, that is presuming you have Spotify or Amazon Music. As ever, thank you for reading, each and everyone.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

18 thoughts on “The Time Has Come Today”

      1. You. Can. Cook. For. Me. Anytime.

        That’s right up my street. And I hope a glass of something chilled to go with..

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  1. Andi, it’s sad that you can’t go to Cornwall as planned.
    It’s so strange to be living in these days of everything being put on hold until the world is safer and we can resume our lives in a normal fashion. (but I am afraid the world will never be the same again until a vaccine is found for this horrific virus.)
    How wonderful to be singing together ~ that is a great song!
    Love the photos ~ must be so warm there today.
    Enjoy your time together ~ smile and laugh and sing and be happy ! 🙂
    My best to you,always.

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    1. That is so sweet of you to say. Yes, a vaccine will ultimately set things right! So much for all of us is on hold, isn’t it?
      Dinnertime at the mo, so must return to them. Penne with sweet capsicum sauce! Homemade of course! I await the day when I have a quintchoir! Is that even a word? Eek

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      1. Dinner sounds good!
        Yum on the sauce.
        I am making homemade mac & cheese for lunch here, one of my hubby’s favorite. I though he deserved it as he sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers this morning. He is my treasure! 🙂

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      2. That’s beautiful Margie, what a surprise for you!!!

        To get to cook Mac’n’cheese!

        Only kidding – hopefully a smile!

        Flowers – what a romantic he is 😉

        Just getting the children in their Jim jams. Some shouting to be heard! Have a nice afternoon Margie. Flowers, lucky lady.

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