Happy Birthday Dadda

Today’s post might sound a bit self indulgent, but the title might have given it away, yes I am one year the wiser today.

The holiday house is lightly dusted with a mass of paper confetti as the children are doing their thing, making Dadda a multitude of paper Birthday stuff! So I guess a lot of tidying up to do in a bit!

Yesterday’s visit to a softplay centre and animal farm went extremely well. A video of the children’s antics later on perhaps.

A birthday spent on our chilly, rainy and windswept Atlantic coastline is a first for me. A few patches of blue sky to be seen at present, alongside the squawking of sea gulls! On the subject of presents, thank you Sindy for the bottle of Blue Sapphire Gin – it will be surely needed come this evening. My gift from John will be a few days in arriving however! As you may remember, my iPhone has all but died on me! Yes, the Apple Corporation has won. Time for a new phone sadly.

Tara has just found a spider behind the sofa and she and Thor have adopted it! We are a far cry from the old days when Tara would have simply shrieked and Thor would have just squished it!

The howling of storm Dennis is still with us! Caleb has been practicing his howling! I thought that he was trying to sound like a wolf, but when they all started howling, I realised that it was the wind that he was trying to emulate.

An update later perhaps and if I find time, that video of pure enjoyment at the softplay. They had such a great time, Tara and friend Malky hid when it was time to leave. It took 20 minutes to find them hiding In a cylindrical slide!

Thank you for reading.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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