Looking for Grandma Jean

My mother passed away 4 years ago now. She had very sadly never met our youngest three children. We do miss her as we do Granny Hazel and we do keep their names spoken and remembered every so often.

My mother found a new route in later life whilst living a full life in Victoria in Australia! She acted in a couple of adverts and was an extra in a few television programs and even the movie ‘Charlottes Web’.

I have watched the movie once or twice before but have never managed to find her scenes. I believe they gave her a closeup in the hairdressers scene, but today after Tara and Thor had adopted the spider from behind the sofa, Tara then found ‘Charlottes Web’ on Netflix.

To my surprise, I found myself watching very closely for any of the scenes that my mother might have been in. And today I struck gold!

Thank you Jo, David, Adele and Hardy for your company and the bubbles at cake cutting time. And also the melody of ‘Happy Birthday to Me’.

Another person there at the time of my actual birthday was of course my mother ‘Grandma Jean’ and today I thank you for being there for me… in loving memory – Rest in Peace.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

7 thoughts on “Looking for Grandma Jean”

  1. How wonderful that you found the scenes your mother was in in Charlotte’s Web,
    I love the book and movie.
    It is sad your youngest 4 children never got to meet your mom but it’s wonderful you keep her memory alive as well as Granny Hazel’s.
    Enjoy the rest of you birthday! πŸ™‚

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      1. Our happy travels have ended. LOL
        We are back home now as bad weather was forecast for Denver,so we traveled to beat the snow.
        Good to be home but I do love to travel and can’t wait for our next trip. πŸ™‚

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      2. Thank you, I am putting the fireplace on tonight.
        I know you are getting big storms your way,
        Take good care and be safe and enjoy your holiday time together with the family, πŸ™‚

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