Goodbye Sun, welcome to Bedlam

Sounds a bit dramatic, but at this point, I’m used to dramatic I guess! Aaliyah screaming the house down due to daddy confiscating a small toy / choking hazard for bedtime. They all got to choose a small plastic toy today (under a fiver) at a toy shop. Caleb has also had to give up his small plastic ring and rubber ball.

Back to ‘Goodbye Sun’ then! I have just stood on the terrace and watched the dimming of dusk. I cannot really call it a sunset due to the thickness of the grey cloud. The wind is still howling in tune to the roar of the raging Atlantic.

Thor has just run past me wearing dirty white socks and his nighttime pull-up nappy! Looking a little like Boss Baby.

Caleb has been responsible for a string of breakages today – enough said. Aaliyah is still screaming about her plastic toy.

Amritsar has just exclaimed that Caleb has broken her toy banana! Naughty Caleb – you know, he has the ability to break most things, even a rather expensive dancing iron man toy a few days ago. He not only broke one of the LED lights but he managed to chew off a couple of the fingers also. I have always supervised play with this certain toy. I only took my eyes off him for five minutes.

Thor is still to put on his pyjamas. He is presently running around wearing just his nappy with a hairdryer in hand screaming ‘I’m gonna get you – I’m gonna get you’! Oops, he has only just fallen over and is screaming even louder that Aaliyah!

Everyone quiet now, though the peace has just been broken with Caleb in his bedroom starting to shout loudly. Tara is opening and closing the wardrobe door again and again. Better go see what is going on. (All was well.)

Daddy now shouting at Tara saying that slamming wardrobe doors cracks walls. Naughty Tara. Amritsar has joined the whining and is looking for her toy. She is getting more and more angry. Oh dear, welcome to Bedlam!!!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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