T and A’s Baby Pics

Okay, it has been a while (like a couple of years since my Sony Vaio packed up) and the replacement external hard drive casing was rubbish – it simply didn’t work. Another ‘made in china’ disappointment, so apologies for great Japanese design (Toshiba hard drive) and a reality check that it is always down to the weakest link – the Chinese made casing.

Okay, let’s get a few paragraphs down about what that computer hard drive has held for these last six years. Photos of course, pictures of the girls as babies and videos aplenty. Now our other guys (as small new borns) are all represented on my iPhone, thanks to the cloud concept, a new iPhone downloads your previous phones data. But the girls baby pics were backed up on my old Sony laptop – And today we retrieved all of the memories.

I was honest, reactionary and truthful. We sat there for an hour or so and were aghast with each and every file (full of baby pics) that we opened.

Too many memories flooded back for me, yet it was all new and exciting for our two beautiful daughters who are about to celebrate their sixth birthday. Time has flown by and yet, I always seem to coexist with the memories of it all.

It wasn’t always like that – when I returned from India five years ago – all I wanted was to forget those agonising reminders of the anguish I had to go through to get our girls home. But we did get home after eight long months. And here we are, a very happy family, filled with affection for one and other. Gonna well up soon – so these are a couple of our long lost pics of the girls and I when they were about seven months old, stranded in Mumbai.

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