So, what’s been going on?

Maybe a better title would have been ‘So, what’s NOT been going on? Thor broke his iPad (Kindle Fire), though it’s fixed now. They presently all have their devices (excluding Caleb). I gave in after four small voices wore me down after half an hour of ‘I want my iPad, I want my iPad’, Prior to this they all had digestive biscuits after – you guessed it, half an hour of ‘I want a biscuit, I want a biscuit’. This was just after a half hour chorus of ‘I want some crisps, I want some crisps’ (we don’t do crisps very often). Okay, I won’t bore you with any more rhapsody, but Thor threw an entire cup of orange squash on the kitchen floor and Caleb handed me a squashed piece of poo from his nappy that was lying on the floor beside him, yuk.

I am smelling mushrooms at present. No, not the psilocybin variety, rather chestnut mushrooms drying in the food dehydrator. Pasties for their dinner, so nice and easy today and maybe wedges, better get them in the oven pronto.

I just booked a flight to Hungary on airmiles as I have to have some major dental work on that toothache I mentioned a number of weeks back. Flight £35 and a four star hotel besides the dentist £100 for 2 nights. With the work half the price to here in the U.K., a no brainier really. I will have to return there in a month or two, but maybe john and I can make a mini break out of that and discover a new city together!

Caleb is wandering around the living room without purpose as they are all ignoring him as all are transfixed with their devices. Poor Caleb, he doesn’t know where to focus. Though he has just stuffed Tara’s ‘Elmer’ from Sesame Street fame, behind the television and he is trying to burst Amritsar’s blue balloon. The devil hath work for idle hands…

Oh and did I mention that Thor has contracted ‘shingles’? They all had a very mild form of chicken pox a couple of years ago. It was great, we thought we had gotten that one out of the way early on. Nobody mentioned that it was still possible to get ‘shingles’. I thought that one was only possible to catch in middle age! Oh well, he’s on acyclovir four times daily. I hope the rash looks better before Monday and his return to preschool…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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