The Boy Who Likes to Covet

Okay, the bigger story would have been Thor’s second night without his beloved MiMi, his very best bear. I’m not sure where he is to be quite frank. John and I looked high and low yesterday, but alas to no avail. Today’s search has also not been fruitful. The picture above is Thor’s return from preschool this lunchtime, heralding half a trash can of refuse. He wouldn’t put it down for a while, he just held onto it tightly. He finally desisted and enjoyed his chicken sandwich with Dadda’s home made tomato chutney. ‘No’ I said ‘that junk is not going upstairs’. The little ones enjoyed their midday nap and later arose. Not too many mentions of ‘where’s MiMi’ and a trip to the park with Sindy before picking up the girls from school. He was allowed to take his tray of recyclables to the park. ‘Please Sindy’ I implored ‘please can we loose the pile of rubbish’? Now much later and they are all in bed. Sindy has kept the smorgasbord of junk in the car – to be discarded on tomorrow’s school run in a public bin! You see, Thor checks out our recycle bag at home often.

Thor was shouting down for MiMi a moment ago, but all seems okay now. I really have looked everywhere, even the watering can in the garden. You see, he likes to put MiMi in secret places! A shoe box, a paper bag, in fact any place where he feels MiMi will be comfortable and safe – then he completely forgets where poor MiMi might be…

Last time MiMi went missing, he was found in a draw in our bedroom two weeks later. I will update you as and when the situation rectifies itself.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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