Making Cubes

Dadda’s ‘Design and Make’ today was an up cycle of the recycle with Tara and I. We talked about ‘Stuff’ and we decided to go with cubes and trains! We learnt new scissor skills and the art of making templates. Firstly I corrected Tara’s rather shoddy cutting by saying that we always cut away from ourselves. Something you’d have thought, would have been on the agenda at school. But when I saw Tara cutting a circle by twisting the scissors in all directions. I soon put her straight (we turn the paper and not the scissors) and we got going on cutting six squares for each cube, using the first square that we cut, as a template. Tara got colouring and I showed her how to assemble the cubes. Lots of sticky tape later – voila! Job well done.

Mr Strickland and Summer ‘Baby Camp’

For some time now the worry of Mrs Snodgrass’s ‘Naughty School’ has not quite been enough when it comes to behaving like a baby. Something that all of our little ones do on a fairly regular basis. Neither Mrs Snodgrass or Bettina are cut out to deal with small children who act like babies! You know, when a 3 or 4 year old is still constantly sucking on fingers or thumbs. Caleb, bless him is still finding his vocabulary, so in an attempt to get him to articulate a bit more – to try the extra distance, we have instilled yet another threat. The worry of spending the summer at ‘Baby Camp’ has proved a winner, asserting correctional incentives. Baby camp is run by the fictional ‘Mr Strickland’. His camp is one for little boys and girls who like to act like babies (on a fairly regular basis). His dormitories are stacked high with cots that are 5 in number long and five in number high. These walls of cribs are essentially walls of bars and behind these said bars are ‘Baby Camps’ inmates, young children who like to act like babies! All that can be heard in Mr Strickland’s dorms are baby cries and the sound of goo goo gaa gaa. Now nobody wants to spend the summer at ‘Baby Camp’, so just the mention of his name is enough to stop any babylike behaviour in our house, at least for a while…

The Boy That is Thor

Great picture Thor, but truth be told, he is saying ‘Dadda, my finger hurts, my finger hurts’. Though I am now reminiscing about his very bad behaviour at preschool yesterday. He lunged out at one of the teachers with his fist. Very, very naughty, I think you’ll agree. Today however, I think he made his amends. He was a bit silly at lunchtime, not eating his corned beef sandwich and throwing it at Remus to make a quick meal if it – but overall today he has been a real superstar. So much as to me making a deal with him. Like Aaliyah, he has been promised his very own iPad (fire tablet).

As you may recall, Aaliyah is now a model student. All down to being good for 7 days and being given a Kindle Fire 7 tablet like her sisters. I held back on the offer to Thor a number of times now as I believe he can not be a good boy for 7 hours , let alone 7 days. Well, I gave him a handicap and said to him ‘If you can be good for 3 days, you will get the tablet’. He was very good tonight, but will he fall foul to his naughtiness in the morning? I will keep you updated…

Hounded off the Dogs Bed


You might be aware that the only ones who do not sleep on the dogs bed in our house are the dogs! Yes, Remus and Gracie can always be found on the sofas – so much so, that it is generally me that snuggles up on the dogs bed in the evening, post the children’s bed time and the children enjoy the enlarged cushion in the daytime hours. John is staying in London tonight and once I said to Remus and Gracie ‘no John tonight, just Andi, Remus and Gracie’, they completely understand that it is only us here tonight. There is suddenly no whining, waiting for Johns arrival, they know that it’s just them and me. Well tonight they decided that they needed to be close – for twenty minutes they nuzzled and walked around in circles, trying to get settled on that said ‘dogs bed’, with me sprawled out ‘akimbo’. Very unusual behaviour, as they love the sofa so much. Well, there I was, lying in the middle of the dogs bed and both nudged for space to the rear and front of my relaxed slumber. The result was me, finally getting up as there is only so much space on the said cushion and here we conclude their somewhat strange behaviour and I now sit in the sofa whilst the dogs are chilled in front of the television on the dogs bed. Oh, our hounds are always surprising me, even after 10 very long and engrossed years of cohabitation. Remus and Gracie, they certainly broke the mold when you were both created in nature’s expression… Remus is now looking up with a look of contentment – he really is quite unique.

A Busy Enough Day

The girls and I did a fleeting visit to London to meet Daddy at work today and we saw an old friend for dinner earlier this evening. Only a quick  diary entry tonight, but we will be a little more settled in a day or so. Another busy day planned for tomorrow – whoosh. And guess how colourful our London bound train to Paddington was? I just love it. Go for it GWR.

A Day in the Cotswolds

Destination ‘Fun’ and a day out in the Cotswolds. I really had no idea that this part of Gloucestershire was so beautiful. Lunch was a nightmare however with Thor and Caleb getting rowdy in the restaurant. I really hate the way some people happily look on with distain when they see children behaving badly. They have this look that just exudes ‘bad parent’. It’s always the people without children I’ve noticed. Those with little ones know the struggle you’re up against. It makes me smile when you get the very occasional supportive nod from a person who obviously knows what you are up against.

The day progresses and we drive on to the next ‘moment’ or pleasant distraction…