The Pre – Agrarian Diet! So How’s It Going?

A third frosty start to the day, here in ‘The Shires’. Not quite the frozen tundra, but chilly enough! The rainwater in the wheelbarrow has frozen solid.

Well, regarding the diet, what can I say? Though not entirely ‘Pre – Agrarian’, we have made one or two compromises. We even ate a 70% cocoa mass Lindt chocolate bar last night (Woohoo)! That was right after a dinner of Salad Nicoise on a bed of crisp spinach leaves. Omitting the boiled potato was key to ‘de-carbing’ this amazing French classic. Didn’t miss the spuds at all! All combined with a homemade salad dressing, what’s there not to like? I de-skinned 4 tomatoes, thinly sliced a red onion, blanched some very fine green beans and boiled 5 eggs (shelled and halved). Now don’t bother with tuna in brine or oil. Spend the bit extra and buy the tinned, pre- drained tuna steaks! So much better. Bejewelled with black olives and anchovies aplenty.

Another red prawn Thermidor tonight served up with butter braised Savoy cabbage!

For me, a day of fasting tomorrow, just water for hydration.

Feeling a lot firmer, though this diet isn’t really about the weight loss as I want to replace any internal fat loss with muscle mass! This I am achieving with relatively light exercise. I don’t really do anything that would lead to a sweat. I’m not a big fan of aerobic exercise as I have had some joint pains in recent times. Sadly, the truth is that the diet isn’t really helping my elbow pain. I guess that there is not enough seal blubber in my diet (hahaha)! I have started back on the cod liver oil and glucosamine sulphate supplement tabs! Like life, you have to make a few compromises in order to make things work don’t you?

Thanks for readying.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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