A Trove of Books Behind the Bed, a Crab and Last Nights Dinner

Shouting was heard so I ventured up to see what all of the fuss was about! Tara had trapped her arm at the wall side of her bed. It was stretched into the abyss that lay at the back of her bottom bunk! As I rushed through the boys room, Caleb lay silent, Mr sleepy was clearly counting lambs and dancing with dreams. Thor on the other hand jumped to attention ‘come on Dadda, come on – let’s free Tara’. He skipped alongside me and we entered the girls room. Tara still wailing ‘help me Dadda, my arm is trapped’. I pulled the bed from the wall with a little help from Aaliyah and Amritsar and I investigated the pile of books that lay before me. Tara had only dropped one, the reason for her cries for help, but here lay a small library of children’s fiction. Thor was in there first ‘this ones mine’ he shrieked. And then Aaliyah ‘I’m having this one’ she shouted. Finally the remains of the booty was shared between A and T…

All is quite now – A school night. Just me here, no John. Remus is looking over at me as he does and Gracie is nuzzling into the arm of the sofa.

What with John being in London, I thought I would eat the scraps from last nights ‘Roast Pork Dinner’ comprising of Roast leg of pork, butter sautéed Jersey Royal potatoes, curly cale, gravy, Dadda’s home made ‘Apple Jam’ and pork scratchings purchased from the local farm shop (wow).

But the remaining pork was the slightly dried end of the joint that I was going to feed to the hounds. Then I thought ‘F**K this’ and I decided to defrost a crab from the freezer and enthusiastically whipped up a dressed crab, toasted delight – yummy… Sorry John, couldn’t resist xx

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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