The Power of Words

Does a picture say a thousand words? Well, does it? The girls poetry got me thinking today. At present Remus can sense a change of mood within me. I do suddenly feel more somber. He has gently rested his chin on my lap and is glancing upwards, towards me. I wonder what it is that he senses! He acted strangely earlier today on the terrace. You see, we have a ‘green wall’ covered with ornamental ivy, our rather large grape vine and a sprouting crab apple tree. He was gently pacing the ground, sniffing around, almost searching for something lost. He was quiet then also. I listened, but there was a silence in the air. I considered the possibility of a red kite hunting in the area. You see, the bird song freezes when such a competent predator is near. No, this was different! And then I realised what was wrong. These last weeks have seen two very busy, brown feathered friends at work on our terrace. A mated pair of thrushes firstly built a nest within the ivy, laid their eggs and then once hatched, they have been completely engrossed with the feeding and nurturing of their offspring ever since. Two, maybe three little chicks with very loud and hungry sounding chirps had their parents perusing their own hunting frenzy. As soon as one parent emerged from the nest after feeding the chicks, the other would appear with a beak full of worms. The frenzy of the chirps erupted again and the cycle would repeat itself again and again. Today it is silent. I did gaze to see a solitary brown song thrush on the lawn, but it did not fly towards the nest hidden beneath the ivy. It just looked around, saw me and then flew away… what happened last night on our terrace? I really do not know, but the veil of silence seems louder with emptiness now. Does a picture say a thousand words? You be the judge.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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