No Lunch for ‘The Boys’

Daddy tried to assert lesson time this morning whilst I produced a Puttanesca for our dinner tonight. Mind you, we are down to the very last packet of spaghetti. Thank you to all you people panic buying pasta! It’s so selfish. As you know we have Tesco deliveries. And on the order arriving this afternoon, over 50% of the order has been cancelled due to them being out of stock. Okay, I’m going off focus here!

Thor has been screamy beyond belief today. Though he has been so well behaved as of late. So loving too, but his trying to bide for Daddy’s attention today just lead to shouting and screaming. Of course ‘bad cop’ Dadda had to be the one to march him up to his bedroom.

We sat in the kitchen for lunch and then Caleb decided to do his bit for ‘The Screamy Corporation’ as he let it all out as he was unhappy with his choice of sandwich filling. In the end I just asked him to join his brother Thor! We are enjoying a time of relative peace and quiet at present. Amritsar is drawing after having finished her puzzle for children above the age of 8. She just pointed that out to me – show off!

Tara and Aaliyah have been very pally of late, often disappearing to go on covert missions, sniggering together and generally being as thick as thieves. Well, they are quietly watching a Netflix movie at the moment that looks a little too old for them.

Daddy is busy with his working from home, so I am enjoying this moment of downtime before I retrieve the troublesome two. Let’s hope they are going to try to behave a little better. Happy days hey!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

6 thoughts on “No Lunch for ‘The Boys’”

  1. Sounds like you have your hands full right now.
    Over here I have Nolan screaming for my attention as I am helping Rose with her online school tasks.
    My daughter is sleeping in today.
    I love being with the grandkids but right now I just want to go home and get a little peace and quiet.
    Help me lord to get through this day . Lol
    Sending good vibes to you for some calmness with your little ones 😊

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    1. I do hope Nolan is calmer now Margie. You sound like a very hands on Grandma. I hope Rose is settled into her study! Must be hard to keep her focused! We had Giles left at the door for some home schooling to start on Monday!

      I am sure that you will find some peace within it all today, though quiet might just be in short supply!!! Being all of the hours ahead from you, my calmness is a little closer as their bed this but an hour or two away! 🙂

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      1. Hi Andi, I just got home 🙂 It was snowing while I was driving but it’s stopped now! It’s a winter wonderland here! Maybe spring will arrive soon but I am not counting on it , as this is Colorado ! I got Nolan down for a nap and sneaked away! LOL He does not like when I leave. Peace has overtaken me as I sit down with a nice cuppa tea. As it’s now past 10 pm over there, I think the little ones must be sleeping soundly. My best to all of you , 🙂

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      2. Oh, you gave me a great idea, I am going to have wine with my dinner!
        Hubby is making pasta. 🙂
        I am quite exhausted, I think my daughter still thinks I am 39 .LOL
        When your little ones wake up in the morning, gave them all a hug from me. I think they are all so adorable!
        Good night to you Andi 🙂

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