Caleb Get’s His New iPad

What a very happy chap. All set up and rearing to go! We also factory reset Thor’s tablet this afternoon as it has been a bit glitchy as of late!

The second day of lockdown today and all is well with our not so famous five. Mind you, the noise from their collective iPads is slowly drilling into my head.

I guess that home schooling will have to start tomorrow. On a slightly more worrying front, my cough has become a lot dryer and Thor still has a temperature. Mind you, if this is the real thing, we will hopefully be through the worst of it soon.

On a related matter – Caleb has just dropped his iPad on the hard tiled floor in the hallway.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

5 thoughts on “Caleb Get’s His New iPad”

  1. I hope no damage was done Caleb’s ipad on the floor.
    Love seeing all of your adorable children together on the couch .
    Take good care, Andi.
    I hope you feel better soon

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    1. Just the first bump of a couple today! Screen time is an inevitable saviour in this uncertain time I guess! Take care too Margie. This time will pass soon enough! I believe that China is rebuffing itself slowly, our news teams are just not bothering to report on all international events! I really do hope we are passing through the eye of the needle. If this is just another cold – we could just be going through this again a few weeks / months down the road! 🤒

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