Do Things Always Have to Make Sense

Having just observed the surrealities of the video I posted 5 minutes ago, I guess not. Children do the funniest of things don’t they? I’m pretty sure that Thor will keep his ‘funny boy’ nature and have lots of friends throughout his school days. He certainly makes me smile. A lot less screaming nowadays also. Calo (Caleb) can be quite the funny one too, though he has taken on ‘Thor’s Mantle’ when it comes to being screamy. They are all so funny in their own ways, so it is quite rightly difficult to have a favourite. Ending comment on today’s diary entry has to be lol…

A Day of No Mishaps

Up at 7am and asleep by 7pm. What can I say! With all of the children at school there is the ultimate freedom that I will inevitably embrace, come September. At present, I need to be at home, pretty much 24 / 7 as the little ones day at preschool is but three hours in the morning. Will I really have the chance to leave the house for several hours each and every weekday? I felt guilty this morning as I saw a friend, Richard at 10am and visited a farm shop in a small village in Oxfordshire. Very pleasant staff and a real old style butchers. They even had the fake green plastic clover surrounding the packaged meats in the chill cabinets. I haven’t seen that since my childhood. Is veal back on he menu? I hope so as four sirloin steaks came in at £20, two frozen Madagascan Mega Prawns for a tenner and three packs of Toulouse, wild boar and duck sausages, another tenner! I was back at 12.30 and Sindy graciously held on until I returned. All that nosh now hidden away in the freezer, John is in for a real treat as he absolutely loves wild game. There was some venison steak and pigeon breast in the shop too.

I actually felt guilty for my not being there when the little ones arrived home from preschool. Habits are habits after all. I am going to have to think long and hard as to my new direction after next September. What can I do with a new found independence, what tangent could I possibly take? A lot to consider, but even before this juncture, I do want to continue within the art of the written word. I’m considering a book of short stories! What do you think? Obviously the children would be considerations. I’m thinking a kind of rewrite of some of ‘Aesop’s Fables’ but using scenarios being acted out by Amritsar, Tara, Thor, Aaliyah and Caleb, the outcome being the learning of a moral outcome! What do you think? Is it a worthy project to undertake? I think a big injection of humour would be essential, but my writing, up until now has always been factual. How does one consider a step over to the other side – fiction. That’s a big step to take. Is my imagination feeling fertile enough? Any advice from out there would be massively appreciated.

On other matters – like you all, I am very tired of the BREXIT issue. Even without bringing a political point of view to this diary, my head continues to feel sore from all of the discord surrounding this state of affairs and complete disarray. I will be glad when we can all see some resolve.

And a settled future.

Last Thoughts for the Day

Just reconnected with a ‘Dear Heart’! So ending the day with a smile (you know who you are), though my original diary entry was going to start with our daughter Aaliyah. She really wants to be good, but as you may know, remorse is in short supply when it comes to her antics. She bit Caleb yesterday, though I did not report it to you out there as I thought it was an isolated incident. Today she yet again bit Caleb without any consideration. It really sucks to be regarded as lesser in the general pecking order (poor Caleb). He cried of course and thankfully Sindy did the ‘Bad Cop’ response and sat Aaliyah on the ‘Thinking Chair’. Then, given her angry and uncontrollable vexing, she was sent up to bed early. Nothing more to add regards Aaliyah’s bad behaviour, but I am upset that all of the improvements with her behaviour of recent months, it really does suck when you feel that you are back to square one. Let’s just go forward with a modicum of HOPE. Sindy and I reassured each other that she is still only three years old, almost four. But her remorse is still very sadly on the side of slight. Today’s pic looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!

Sunday, a Day of Leisure

Clearly it was not! John visiting his mum Hazel in Dublin for the day, back later on tonight. Quite the fleeting visit and the children and I have had a relative day of leisure. Several visits to the ‘Thinking Chair’ for the little ones and the girls gorged on their mass of birthday gifts. Many craft oriented presents, so our weekends will be busy for the foreseeable future, but of course, they wanted to open and start them all today. Did I tell you that Tara lost her first tooth this week?

Anyhow, the day was busy and now they are asleep, I have a few moments to write this. But it is now getting late, so I will make it brief. Lots of happy and not so happy screams today. But we had lots of fun in between the dramas. John is hopefully back from his day trip to Dublin soon. No doubt quite exhausted from the day. Wishing his mum Hazel (pictured above) lots of love from us all. Nite nite xx

Saturday ‘The Big Party’

Saturday, the ‘Big Party’. The day started early. There was excitement in the air. A bed invasion at 6am and soon after a breakfast of pancakes with Dadda’s home made mango jam drizzled liberally with a splash of lime juice. Come 9am Sindy and sister Sally arrived to prepare the party lunchboxes. I on the other hand had just finished the triple later chocolate cake that was sandwiched together with Strawlime Berry Jam and heavily entombed with homemade chocolate ganache fudge icing. The top was laden with home moulded white chocolate pyramids and squares. The ladies made Jam and ham sandwiches for the lunchboxes, the jam on this occasion was black grapple. I cooked a mass of perfectly cooked basmati rice in the microwave. Please read a previous diary entry for the method of guaranteed perfect rice every time. Things were on track. Our three veg curries were pre cooked and bagged up in the refrigerator (Mutter, dal and chana) and 30 chapattis were dry cooked on the griddle. Wrapped in a wet tea towel and polythene bag to keep moist, they were added to the bags of food that were set to leave with Sindy and sally for the setup at the hunting lodge where the party was being held. We all arrived later to meet Thea and hubby John (Pips parents) who were also helping to set up. Within 15 minutes of our arrival the party was in full swing. The wild animal lady entertained the little ones and everyone had a great time with the myriad of surprisingly scary insects and small vertebrae! The children consumed their lunch boxes and the grownups devoured the ‘Pur Veg’ curries with gusto. Sindy and Sally were brilliant as were our fellow hosts. A brilliant venue and we left with a happy crowd having appreciated that it was a more inclusive affair – the grownups and their enjoyment are often an oversight at these events. Catering for 40 adults for a tenner went down well I think. And a few of them even thanked us for a party that was a party for all and not just the children. Job well done! The other matter was my shock at the gratuitous amount of presents and cards this year. I just counted sixty cards between the twins and as for the avalanche of presents on the dining hall table – unbelievable!

Some words on Sunday later this evening.