A Year Ago Today

I woke up this morning with thoughts of Venice in the back of my mind. I felt compelled to look back at my camera roll and guess what? One year ago to this very day, John and I were hurtling over the lagoon in a water taxi, destination ‘The Hotel Danieli’ in Venice. The above Canaletto image sits on the wall in our living room. Well, at least a Fake, hand painted copy of the old master does. This image of the Doges Palace and St Marks Square, as seen from the lagoon, actually pre dates the building of the Danieli! The world famous hotel was built on the far right hand side, in the space occupied by the three smaller buildings, flanked by the two slightly larger warehouses. Today the two larger buildings are also part of the hotel. We were lucky enough to have a lagoon facing room in the larger building on the right (first floor). Yes, I can actually see the double windows where we enjoyed such an amazing view. Whenever I see our copy of this famous painting, I always remember our visit, immortalised in oil paint. You kind of feel personally connected with it. Anyhow, one year ago to the day, that is where we were. The 5* restaurant is located on the roof of the other larger building on the left of the hotel. There is an amazing outside terrace, though on our visit it was wet and cold I remember. We dined there one night – bloody hell it was expensive for what you got, over €300. But that is Venice, the food was good, not great and the prices were brinking on extortion. We did read a review that mentioned that you should not look at the prices. Just eat and enjoy, just pay the bill and not to worry until you got home about how over priced even the most basic restaurant food was. Breakfast was also served in the restaurant. I nicked a really cool ashtray from the terrace on our final morning, just after breakfast. It was freezing and on the cusp of snowing (I believe there were several inches of the white stuff back at home). The ashtray is used outside on our terrace now and that also connects me to that scene in the Canaletto painting. Yes, one year ago today…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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