Eight Months in India 2013

1 Powai Lake

Did you know that eight months is how long it took for the girls and I to come home to the UK? Eight long months we lived in India. I thought that today I would choose just a couple of the pictures that are now available due to reconnecting my broken laptops hard drive. This First picture I took from the place that we started this epic journey of family together. Powai Lake in Mumbai.

3 Haiko Powai

This next picture is me with a rather small trolley at the Haiko Supermarket in Powai. It was nice to have a local ‘western style supermarket’ close by. At other points in the journey, we just ate foods from the street vendor or local market place. But it was nice when we shopped with convenience. The picture below is probable when they were seven months old. It is amazing to see that their little faces havent really changed at all.

2 Girls

The girls and I had lots of fun looking back at all of these memories. Of course, they do not remember as they were just little, new born babies. But in that time they grew, began to sit, started on solid food, oh the bliss of turning a thousand apples and they even took their first tentitive crawls. Amritsar would try and throw her chest forward and Tara would just look at objects in front of her and clench her fists and scream at them, compelling (not quite propelling) herself towards them. I did of course have the help of a couple of different nannies over the time. The two most memorable were Bharti and Manju. Though I believe they once knew one and other and were not the best of friends. They were both strong willed women.

4 Nanny Bharti

I thank Bharti for being there and showing kindness and love to our girls. We do miss her. Now this next picture is myself, the girls and Manju. Again the girls were about seven months old at this point.

5 Dadda Manju

I forget where this picture was taken. I think somewhere on the shores of Powai Lake as we would not have travelled too far from ‘The Lakeside Apartments’. This moment would have been just a couple of weeks before we were finally allowed to leave india.

6 Amritsar Sleeping

I love this picture, the lighting was perfect. Just the presence of sunlight would confirm that the photo was taken in October 2013. The monsoon clouds were with us for most of our time in India. Doesnt she look so serene. So the final picture for today is Tara, sat up to attention, looking very thoughtful. Well that was my moment of nostalgia. Dont forget that I will be publishing the second chapter of my novel ‘Eighteen Moons’ on here later this month on the cycle of the full moon here in the UK. Or if you cant wait for that, the entire book is available through Amazon Kindle. Just search for ‘Eighteen Moons’. Eight of those eighteen moons was my time is India. Maybe next week I will look at (in brief) another five moons speant in Thailand.

7 Tara Sitting

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