The Lock Down Continues

7.30am here and most sensible households are just waking up on this sunny Sunday morning. On the other hand, everyone here have been dressed or dressed themselves twice already in their new clothing purchased yesterday. Breakfast has been had (dry toast for Aaliyah), John has hoovered the living room floor and he has taken the bin / recycling up to the bin area and finally, Aaliyah’s bed has been stripped and remade, due to another outbreak of ‘The Tummy Bug’. The pile of stinky bedding awaits its turn in the already full washing machine. Caleb is yet again attached firmly to Daddy’s lap. He’s holding on tightly.

I have just been reminded that it is St Patrick’s Day! SO ‘HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY’ TO EVERYONE.

The television is on and the sun is reflecting off of the screen. I am reminded of Aaliyah’s destructive behaviour of yesterday. The entire top third of the screen was scratched deeply with a blunt pencil. It’s almost unwatchable and the deeply set scratches are really off putting. Tara wants a new TV. Aaliyah had a very good talking to once she was ratted out by Thor. I pulled up a chair and had a really stern talking to her when she spent the 20 minutes on ‘The Thinking Chair’ yesterday just after the incident. She has done the same to the Aga fridge and the Aga label on the cooker itself was broken and snapped in half by her mischievous hands. She knows when she is being naughty and always says that she wants to be good, but there is never any true remorse, the cycle just repeats itself. Anyhow, 8.00am now and a full load of washing to put out. Lets hope there are no more gushes, only dry toast for Aaliyah today. She does look sorry for herself now, but that’s just the tummy bug. Updates to follow.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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