Tara’s Week in Her Own Words

Monday I played with Georgina and she gave me some seeds. I went swimming on Tuesday and swam without a float. We had some of Dadda’s dried apples as a snack. On Wednesday I did ‘Mental Maths’ and ate pizza at lunchtime. Thursday I was playing ‘Monsters’ with Thomas who wears a nice coat with cars on. I can’t remember what I ate – sorry! Friday I made an egg person that I called Frackle. The teaching assistant is the mum of some friends of ours. Fish fingers for lunch with chips. And I did talk to George about his birthday and he’s inviting me. This week I finished my picture of a pirate ship. I drew the masts, the sails and a crows nest. And I drawed a boney thing and it was a skull on the flag. And I playing with Remus and I did put the music on and he did dance! And I gave him a treat as he was dancing and spinning. I played lots of games with Aaliyah and the other twins in my class at school. One of our games was, we had to try and not stay on the yellow lines or we couldn’t fly!!! And if we stepped in a puddle we could go fast. Me and Gracie were playing jumping.

Almost There… and a Moment of Self Doubt

Regards the editing of my new book ‘Thirteen Moons More’, we are almost there. The final read through and ultimate edit is happening as we speak! The notion of the completion of this project is exciting for me. Though I obviously have certain reservations on what happens to the book next, once I self-publish! It was over a year ago when I completed ‘Eighteen Moons’. The final chapter, final paragraph, final word, was written whilst holidaying in the South of France. Little did I know then that I was also about to start a new venture, a diary about daily life and all of the ups and downs that, that entails. And then, to compile the contents into a second paperback book – I am completely filled with surprise! My life as a father has just seemed so completely ‘normal’ over these past six years.

I think I stated in one of my first diary entries that ‘it’s about the little things – isn’t it’? And all of those ‘little things’ have certainly added up – haven’t they?

I believe that I am just a straightforward guy, Mr regular, nothing too out of the ordinary. I do hope that my words speak for themselves on that score?

Then there is of course, self doubt. I am thinking, who’s even bothered to hear what I have to say! Self doubt really sucks – doesn’t it? We all suffer when we ‘let it in’. Maybe that is what makes us all feel completely normal.

I have already mentioned that my next project will be Dadda Gets Jammin’ and that is also exciting for me! Just keeping busy can take away self doubt, or at least harness it into something less destructive. So I say to myself, no time for that, onwards and upwards. I will aspire to do just that! Aspire, that’s a good word isn’t it? – a word to inspire, one to trust in!

A roundup of our week here in ‘The Shires’ at the weekend. But for now, I will leave you with a simple thought! ‘Trust in Yourself’…

A Sporting Challenge

Yes, tonight’s picture is of our future Olympian Gymnast Aaliyah. But firstly I would like to praise Tara. Sadly I have no pictures of her in her football kit, but for the last 4 weeks, since the beginning of term, Tara has gone to football practice on a Monday after school as part of the children’s extra curricular activities. It would seem that sadly, she is the only girl on the team. But guess who is their most prolific goal scorer is? You’ve got it – Tara, with five goals behind her at this point in just the four games. Bravo and well done to you Tara – giving those boys a run for their money! We are so proud of you.

Now, onto Aaliyah! Several months ago we realised that she could do the splits with relative ease. Mostly whilst cavorting away on one of the sofas! It’s not rocket science, is it? If you see an ability in your children, it needs to be nurtured! And today saw Sindy take our youngest daughter Aaliyah to her very first gymnastics lesson in one of the local towns. A bit of a logistical nightmare as both girls are doing their chosen sport on the same day, same time and of course, I don’t drive! But Aaliyah and Sindy came back, Aaliyah, jubilant of her participation in this, her first lesson. I think that they will both do very well at their chosen sporting assertions.

Well done to you both XX

Apple Broke My iPhone 6 Plus

Shame on you! No more iMovies and no more YouTube either. Both apps I have used abundantly in the recent past. However, my phone has been ‘broken’ by the manufacturer, supplier and software provider – The Apple Corporation! It’s something about their most recent IOS 13.1 update.

I’m proud that in this last year, I have never voiced a political point of view. This can now be said of international politics, but is no longer applicable to corporate politics as I call ‘Shame on you Apple’ for essentially breaking my trustworthy iPhone 6 Plus.

You have maimed my ability to produce my diary blog in all of its 3 dimensions unless I shed out on a newer model. How very ‘Corrupt’ of you.

All that said – all is well at home!

Thank you all. My commiserations to any fellow 6 Plus users…

Happy One Year Today

Can you imagine my surprise when I received an email saying happy first birthday! It seems that my diary blog has weathered a whole year. Fitting that I only today wrote the final paragraph of Dadda’s new book ‘Thirteen Moons More’. It’s now in its final edit and should be available on Amazon on or around next weekend. It is essentially the edited version of my diary posts. A year in the life of my family. ‘Eighteen Moons’ essentially tells the story of how my amazing family came together and ‘Thirteen Moons More’ is the story of just who we are today.

On other matters, the wasp nest that was mentioned earlier is a problem. A few wasps had managed to enter the children’s room last night, buzzing away and waking up all of the crew in the early hours. Their screams could be heard by our most distant neighbour, but Thor’s was the loudest. They invaded our room and a plan B had to be considered. They ended up top to toeing in the spare room, though Thor continued his screaming for some time. Needless to say John and I are extremely tired today having had pretty much no sleep at all.

Family life in The Shires eh!

Cobblers to You Too!

It’s been a few days since my last update! So what’s been going on here in ‘The Shires’? Firstly, all the children are well and coping with school admirably! Sindy has reported no meltdowns at the school gates. Dinnertimes have been a little louder than in the past. This may be due to the fact that they are all eating a main meal at school lunchtime now, so my home cooked meals for the children have been limited to making sandwiches, toast and hummus, that sort of thing. I’ve tried to make up for it a bit by baking a pudding / dessert. I picked the last of the Blackberries on the driveway and the remaining Raspberries in the orchard to make an apple and berry crumble, (served with homemade custard) this week, as well as a fresh pineapple upside down cake and a Victoria plum cobbler. There has however been plenty of cooking for daddy and dadda’s dinners. On a different note, ‘Hey Google’ has just started chatting away quite out of the blue! She’s now put on the BBC news completely without my requesting it.

I’m now sat in the kitchen – I wonder if Alexa will do the same? Just in case – I have pulled her plug out, so guaranteed a little piece and quiet. The children have headed upstairs in prep for bedtime. I was called up around 8pm last night – an altercation with a wasp on the girls night light. I had to squish it sadly, but it got them to settle. Been a bit of a problem of late, there must be a wasp nest somewhere in the gables, but with this cool turn to the weather, I guess they will die off naturally within a matter of days or weeks.

On the subject of weather, it’s really is starting to feel Autumnal now. I put the central heating on this morning. We’ll see how it goes, but I might just need to switch the system on for daily heat anytime now.

This mornings workout was good, leaving my biceps a little achey though. Sadly next week will be the last I see of Adam as he is starting a new job at one of the gyms in Reading, leaving him little time for personal training. He’s a great guy. I’m happy he has found a new route in his life. Just means that I might need to find a new mobile trainer who covers ‘The Shires’!

Did I mention that we found a frog in the watering can? We also found newts! The wonders of living in the countryside eh!

A random pic of me chilling on the terrace!

Overall, a quiet enough week really, so maybe more at the weekend. Nite nite

Gracie is Well

Gracie is back to her old self again, albeit minus one dew claw! The grumpy vets receptionist insisted that they do not take customers without an appointment, but saw the anxiety being suffered by Grace. The vet essentially just snapped the dew claw off, no local anaesthetic at all and charged us £50 for the privilege. Gracie was not happy but seems to have cheered up now, a couple of treats and hugs later! Though having said that, the vet suggested Gracie go on a diet as she is five kilos overweight. Better cut down on the treats I guess, but it seems unfair to give one to Remus (who burns off the calories) and not one to Gracie. Other than that, all is well.