Fungi Friend or Foe

Our return from holiday saw our lawn littered with various autumnal fungi. Yellow boletes were in abundance, one variety edible…

Another quite poisonous!

If a blue hue appears after cutting or breaking! Steer clear, not good to eat!

I ended up binning the lot sadly, I just couldn’t get John in on the idea that the edible ones might just taste nice!

All destined for the bin!

Though on the other hand I also found a good amount of field mushrooms in the orchard!

I enjoyed these fried in butter on a piece of sourdough toast!

John on the other hand went for the shop purchased chestnut mushrooms. Also very tasty however.

On the subject of foraging still. My blackberry jelly that I made yesterday has set to perfection overnight. The recipe is certainly to follow!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

17 thoughts on “Fungi Friend or Foe”

  1. I had a girlfriend whose mother would cook dinner for us every Sunday night. Occasionally, she would cook mushrooms in red wine vinegar if I remember right. I swear to God, the way she cooked them, they tasted like steak. I always meant to ask how she cooked them. Too bad the breakup was ugly.
    I do love reading stories of people who can eat and feed their family based on what’s in their yard. Stories like this keep the dream alive.

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    1. That’s good to hear Brave Daddy. Seasonal foraging is a good thing for sure! I’m sorry that the breakup with the g/friend was not pleasant. But her mum sounds pretty cool. I definitely need to try this red wine vinegar option!

      Hoping all is well in the family life of one Brave Daddy! Cheers fella and thanks so much for the feedback…

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  2. I absolutely love that you’re a forager, Andi! I aspire to that. I really lack confidence with mushrooms but it’s such a natural and enjoyable way to source food. Better even than having a veg plot. Anyway, love this although – still – I would probably have drawn the line at the field mushrooms too.

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    1. Haha! Oh, thank you Anna. Having oak trees at the edge of a woodland pays dividends on the fungi front! Btw, the field mushrooms were delicious. Did I say that the garden offers morels in the spring! I hope all is well with you and all. 😊


  3. I can’t comment on which wild mushrooms are good or bad but I love the idea of using ingredients from the wild.

    And I will also say you seem like such a fun-gi! 🤣 Sorry, too early for bad dad jokes.

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      1. School starts on Tuesday and you can bet we’re counting down the days. 😊 I’m not sure how it is over there but it’s chaos over here. Government keeps changing direction so poor schools have to keep changing their plans. Some teachers still don’t know what they are teaching on Tuesday and some don’t even know if they still have a job as positions are being laid off. Lol. Just another day in Canada. 🤣

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      2. It has been similar here with the direction forward changing with the wind! Good luck with Tuesday. It is good to have some sense of normality! I bough the school gate has year bubbles for dropping off! Chat soon my friend 🙂


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