Our Week so Far

So far this week has flown by. Sunday’s mayhem and frolics behind us. The little ones have been pretty orderly thus far. It’s amazing what the promise of screen time can do to focus our crew. John and I implemented no screen time before midday at the weekend, so that has asserted that we are the ones in control. And on weekdays, Thor and Aaliyah know that they have to wait until Amritsar and Tara are back from school and settled before ‘an hour’ prior to dinner. This seems to be working well.

No incidents to report, rather good news on the potty front. Caleb has been full on potty training since Saturday. Of course there have been a couple of mistakes, but we are persevering. He has to be dry before September and the onslaught of ‘Big School’. He has asked to be back in a nappy after his mistakes, but we have kept to the program. And I know that he is committed to make this happen, just as we are!

Caleb’s new hair do has certainly made him look more grown up – less chaotic. And this is good, as he has to fit in both at home and later on at school. Daddy is still giving him more ‘lappy time’ than is good for him, but is aware that this has to be limited in these coming months to prepare him for the transition to reception year at school. Tomorrow at midday, Sindy and I are going to the ‘Reception Year’ lunch at the school to meet the fellow parents of this years influx. Hoping that goes well. It will be good to see how our little ones mingle with their new classmates. Well, that’s all for now.

Thank You to an Old Friend Malcolm

Today was such a fun and crazy day. Most of it spent in the garden baking at 170 degrees centigrade. So much to fill you in on really. But now, late in the day, the children asleep and I am sat here after that obligatory glass of wine. I thank a dear friend, Malcolm Young for today’s photograph. It doesn’t exactly describe the way that I feel, but yet I do so admire the reality of the title! I am sure that it was a great read when it was in print, but yesterday’s reality check, for me is certainly today’s irony!!! Can I say when this picture was posted, ‘ I almost wet myself’?

Please Don’t Ask!

I really don’t know how this headdress found its way into the house, let alone onto Caleb’s head. Oh dear, life can be very confusing at the age of 3, almost 4.

A fun day visiting a friend for lunch. Thea was a great host, 9 children catered for, plus 3 adults. Salmon with honey – a great choice of protein, new potatoes and broccoli. We all had a great time. Thank you so much! A real shame that the chocolate fountain didn’t work out, but maybe a blessing in disguise on reflection.

A night out at the Woodspeen restaurant in woodspeen to boot, I feel a little bloated at this point, just as well it’s time for bed.

Looking forward to the weekend!

A Quiet (or not so) Few Days


It has been a quiet few days. No really – it has. Summing it up, there has been no all encompassing change of direction from our usual ‘organised chaos’, rather a little less stress from the little ones. Thor has been better behaved, though there is still the occasional steam, whistling from his kettle. He earned his iPad (Kindle 7) for 3 days of good behaviour, due to, let’s say, a marked change in his outbursts. Of course they still exist, but overall, he has behaved better. He is much more articulate and he certainly has shown within these last 6 months Overall, that he wants to be good. Just like Aaliyah, there is a significant amount of hope, that he ascends into the mantle of being a big boy (for Aaliyah girl) and being able to start ‘Big School’ in three months time. We have of course considered Caleb’s situation. It is difficult, but if you look on the surface, he is trying so very hard. His diction is certainly getting better, though his ability to articulate at the dinner table, without slouching or dropping more than he consumes! Well, we are still in two minds…

Aaliyah is definitely ready for ‘Big School’ – Mrs Snodgrass will be disappointed that her school for naughty children, will miss out on Aaliyah’s attendance, as will Mr Strickland from ‘Baby Camp’. Please keep your fingers crossed in these coming summer months. I really want them to all start this new and exciting chapter together.

P.S. remember that Mrs Snodgrass and Mr Strickland are fictional characters!

That’s all for now – thank you for reading.