It seems that Instagram has taken over my online time investment! It would seem, at the expense of my diary writing!

But is Instagram a kind of visual diary?

Perhaps, but without dialogue, there is fundamentally a problem! No context I guess!

But then again, for those more popular than I, on Instagram, comments on pictures can create another sort of factor, a mini conversation!

I do love it when some of you lovely people comment on this, my blog! I thank you all for that!

And now a few recent Instagram pics, without context, just random images really!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

33 thoughts on “Instagram???”

  1. OMG Andi, such great pictures. I really need to get that shirt with “Trouble finds me” Hahaha!
    And that picture with you and the girl (Sorry, I can’t keep track of their names) is so beautiful. It conveys peace and safety.

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      1. Hugs from us to all of you, in your happy family.
        It’s so awesome how you live together in “relative harmony’. 😀
        Have a great day too, guys and gals! We’re going to enjoy our new car some more.

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      2. Okay, it is 5 years old but it is new for us.
        And yes, our area is amazing. We’ve planned a small road trip tomorrow. 🙂
        Have a great Sunday, dears, we’re almost off to see the parents-in-law.

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    1. That’s a very balanced approach Josef. I don’t really want to choose! I do like the immediate visual aspect of Instagram though. Maybe my loss for words will remedy itself and words will dominate my blog once again. 👍

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  2. Beautiful pictures! I’m a lurker on Instagram and don’t have an account. Will be sure to drop by yours from time to time. I do appreciate these recaps on your blog. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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  3. I bet it’s time consuming, but those are lovely pics! Your region looks like paradise this time of year.. Oh and the beard really suits you. Nice to touch base! I’ve been submerged, too, and only blogging once a week. 😬 Like you, though, I think I love the blog most somehow.

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    1. Hello stranger! 🙂 I can not claim the lovely valleys of East Devon sadly! But we have kick ass woodlands in ‘The Shires’ Anna. And you’re right! Bloggers rock! Sending a big hi from all of us to all of you x


    1. Thank you also! I am enjoying yours too! To boost your likes, you might search for likes from a few fellow mums! I can’t say it will lead them to your blog, but reciprocal likes aren’t so bad! Try searching like for like, that sort of thing! 💙😎

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      1. Near impossible to find it on Twitter! I tried and failed, but following Facebook friends usually reciprocate on the follow front! I wouldn’t just follow hundreds as many would never want to follow back! It’s a fickle world I guess!

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      1. Im so late! Sorry, I just read this. I was back to work so Quarantine scheds are now changed. Thanks Andi 🙂 Youre not gone actually, you’re blogs and IG posts are always alive! 🙂

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