Talking of MiMi…

Thor was a few months old when he was first introduced to MiMi. We lived in Bangkok, Thailand. We lived there for 5 months before his U.K. passport was issued. John had to work at home in London of course and look after the girls Amritsar and Tara, so he could only visit us twice over that time. On his first visit he brought with him MiMi (The Thai word for bear, or rather bear-bear). He purchased him at the Harrods shop at Heathrow Airport. I nearly always film a video in horizontal! So I am as surprised as you maybe that this video is in portrait! Go figure. A big thank you also to Ameena who helped me out in these early months. It was her that helped me name MiMi. I simply asked her for the Thai word for bear! If you could see MiMi now, obviously Thor is the (much) bigger of the two besties. And MiMi is now a rather thread bare bear.

Paddington Bear

At present I am sat at Paddington Station in London awaiting a train home. I am reminded of a Paddington Bear soft toy that Thor was given for Christmas. Thor absolutely loves it and he has by in large, hugged it almost as much as his beloved MiMi ever since. If you hug it enough it comes out with the words ‘Hello, my name is Paddington’ and then he lets out a little roar!

As you can imagine, there are a mass of cuddly toys for all of the children to adopt, however they all have their own specific beloved.

I am also reminded that the last time that I was sat in this very seat, I had a conversation with an elderly gentleman. Like his generation, he found talking to strangers easy. I think that the younger generations, especially here in London, don’t find it as straight forward. Anyhow, he talked about himself and then about thinking of patenting an idea of his. He asked for an unbiased opinion and I graciously gave it. Okay, enough said. He talked very freely and then the conversation lead on to the fact that he used to be best friends with the brother of Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington back in the 1970’s.

Small world isn’t it?

Chicken Noodle Soup

After a bout of vomiting last night and a headache, Amritsar was certainly not ready for school this morning.

Our nanny Sindy’s mum, Sonia is in hospital – we wish her well, but a broken hip bone cannot be an easy thing to deal with, both for her, Sonia or her children.

Back to today and Amritsar’s being at home. Do you know, it is her first sick day in two years of school! We hung out, watched the television and had some tablet time as well as me making 2kg of applesauce (sterilised and jarred) and 500g of pectin (bagged and frozen) for Dadda’s Jam. A new combo coming next week!!!

She felt rather special having stayed at home with Dadda today! She wasn’t sick at all in fact at any part of the day! She enjoyed homemade chicken noodle soup (as did I) that I rustled up with the carcass from Dadday and Dadda’s Sunday evening roast chicken dinner (phew) and did I mention that there was good dose of Netflix this afternoon!

With school, we emphasised the headache as she really was as right as rain throughout the entire day, she really is a fighter and fully ready and rearing to go tomorrow morning.

It was nice to just hang out. She had a smile on her face for most of the day – a bit surreal really.

Fighting fit and back to the rat race tomorrow.

I cooked a Mutter this afternoon (and rice) for their dinner tonight, as Aaliyah had asked specifically for it. It’s a family favourite as you might remember. But then I heard that they all had a mild chicken korma at school for lunch. So the pea curry was bagged up, ready for serving tomorrow night and they all enjoyed ham and chicken mayonnaise sandwiches on sourdough.

It is nice to spend one on one with a family member, even if it is just for the day! It’s a very hectic household you see…

What to Serve With a Pasta Sauce?

Hold on you spaghetti lovers out there! I get it, we all love pasta. But with our pre – agrarian 6 weeks still 2 weeks from ending, I am still searching for a filling and nutritious pasta substitute. The non carb noodles did not come up to scratch! They were overpriced and tasteless, even fried in butter with salt, pepper and garlic! Though if consumed just boiled, there was a slight gag reflex. Not pleasant at all.

Butter sautéed Savoy cabbage was a definite winner, alongside steamed, finely chopped broccoli or cauliflower rice.

This lunchtime the children enjoyed their regular spaghetti with Dadda’s home made pasta sauce and Daddy and Dadda enjoyed a medley of peppers, courgette, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, stir fried with garlic butter and seasoning. Filling, yet carb free. Of course we all enjoyed a snowstorm of Parmesan cheese.

Aaliyah’s spaghetti skills have improved vastly. Only Thor and Caleb’s bright orange faces needed tending with copious amounts of baby wipes! Their two noses, oozing with snot did not make easy work of it!

Daddy and Dadda’s Dinner

The picture says it all – sugar snap peas embraced sea bass, brown shrimp and a white wine and cream sauce!

Feeling a bit sluggish today after the allowance of carbs yesterday. Just a bit more ‘achey’ overall as it happens! John says he feels the same as usual, nothing more, nothing less, so I’m not sure if I can verify my scenario.

It’s weird – you know, with targeted advertising online! I’m getting so many Keto diet plan adverts popping up on Facebook etc! I think that menu planning with good sense far outweighs paying a company your hard earned cash for a few very simple recipe ideas!

Caleb is a Very Happy Boy

The week has wizzed by and the not so famous five are presently on either their tablets or watching the television…

Yesterday’s day off from the diet was supposed to lead to a dessert at the restaurant, However we ditched dessert and rushed home to wait for Brexit! Well, it’s happened. As a nation we can only wait and see. Enough of the politics! The truth is that John and I were holidaying in County Wexford in Ireland at the time of the referendum, so we couldn’t vote as we were not here!

So, back to family life! One last thought though – I am sure that the future of our children has been shaped significantly into something different for the fact of being outside of the ‘European Block’. Again, we can only wait and see can’t we?

The children were all out cycling earlier today, And Thor has just been gifted Tara’s old red bike due to her and Bitzy’s upgrades at Christmas. Aaliyah has shown no interest in cycling however! So we will have to wait for Caleb to grow a little before he inherits Amritsar’s old bike. Aaliyah also told us this week that she has no plan to continue with her gymnastics class. It is a real shame as she had a lot of natural talent. Maybe we will see if she misses it and will possibly reconsider it in a year or two.

Back to the bicycles as ‘All Change’ a moment ago, as we have just had some screamies and tears from Thor as I suggested he might want the blue, bigger bike! I think that he is on side now. Caleb is thrilled and is presently riding around the coffee table on Tara’s old red bike. Thor has gone to the kitchen to wipe away the tears and blow the stream of snot from his nose! Did I say? Caleb is a Very Happy Boy!