Meteorological Spring

You might just remember that I favour the astronomical start to our planets seasons (at the Equinox’s and the Solstice’s), but I get the order and clean cut nature of starting the seasons meteorologically at the beginning of the month and not on 21st / 22nd.

But I will note that for some, yesterday was an end to the long winter months, here in ‘The Shires’! And all I could report on was Thor’s rather unruly table manners! I have to smile.

The red leaved plum tree in the garden has blossomed in the last week or so and the buds on the hydrangea are beginning to bulge with this years anticipated growth. I am also reminded that we are getting closer to the girls 7th birthday on March 25th, just a few days after the Spring Equinox! I am again reminded of the festival of light in India, the celebration known as ‘Holi’. In my book (memoir) Eighteen Moons, I write with some detail, of my experience of Holi seven years ago whilst in India.

I look back, with all that has come since, I consider my sheer innocence and bewilderment of what was to follow, these seven very rewarding years.

My book is still there, gathering dust on the virtual shelf on the Amazon platform (paperback and ebook), just search for Eighteen Moons! And for you non readers out there, I am considering the audiobook route in the coming months. I found a voiceover actor called Angus who is extremely professional and proficient with recording audiobooks, so I thank him in advance and will of course let you know about how things are doing on that score in due course!

I just had a thought! If you don’t really read books, why are you reading this? Well, thank you so much, I am extremely honoured that you made it all the way to the last paragraph.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

9 thoughts on “Meteorological Spring”

    1. I would be happy to send some of our snow to you but it might melt before reaching its destination! LOL
      The snow is really quite beautiful and I am enjoying it as I know it won’t be around that much longer.
      My better-half went skiing this morning 🙂

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      1. That is very thoughtful Margie, the children would love it so much. Enjoy it whilst you can of course – springtime is creeping our way slowly but surely. I am glad that hubby got to the piste! Do you ever partake? John used to with his sister, though hasn’t in years. He keeps threatening the Skiing holidays for the children down the line! I’m not sure though due to not having the best of joints in town… 😕

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      2. How very exhilarating if you! However in the past I was always told that on a skiing holiday I can stay in the Swiss chalet drinking beer and eating raclette!!! Though I think we would have to reconsider that with the 5 children on the slipes! Lol

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      1. That is amazing! Now, John being Irish has a Gaelic history, indeed we named Tara as we did, the Garlic and Hindu name for Star! And she is… however John’s experience of ‘Irish School’ as a child left him quite inept at the spoken word!!! 🙂

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