Feeling A Little Like Groundhog Day!

We haven’t been pushing the homeschooling so much this week in respect to the Easter Holidays, but these last days have all seemed a little samey, haven’t they? I know, we are all in this together! However today, the use of the words ‘Groundhog Day’ just made it into our family vocabulary! I have avoided them thus far. But on the counter attack, I feel that we really must try to do something new each and every day to combat repetition!

With screen time dominating events indoors, the garden has been a well appreciated diversion. Very overcast weather today, though warm enough to allow for a couple of excursions like ‘The Teddy Bus’ on the terrace. We played a little music on the lawn earlier on the lithium battery powered Bluetooth amp/speaker (no flex). We often play 1960’s music for the children. It just seems a lot more innocent! Cass Elliot, Own Kind of Music – Respect! Anyhow, Tara had me in stitches running around with the mobile speaker trailing behind her, Caleb chasing after her desperately trying to catch her yelping with his well practiced, high pitched squeak. The speaker is like a suitcase really, wheels and an extendable handle. Sadly I was playing the music via my phone so taking a video was just not possible! Maybe I’ll ask Tara to do the same another day and I will use another device to record the event! Though perhaps that would be a little too staged!

On the subject of smiles, Daddy and Thor also raised a couple earlier! Daddy asked Amritsar and Thor to name 10 adverbs! A little beyond even Amritsar’s understanding at present. ‘But what is an adverb’ Amritsar implores!!! Thor pipes up ‘it’s the bits between the telly programs Amritsar’! Clever Thor.

Tara’s Totem

A totem (Ojibwe doodem) is a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as a family, clan, lineage, or tribe.

This afternoon sees daddy giving the kitchen a lick of paint and Tara and Caleb creating a totem in the garden from the packaging of the new parasol for the table on the terrace that arrived this morning.

I am again basking in the sun with Remus and Gracie snuggled at my feet. Now they are snuggling together, pushing out my feet. Now I am no longer sun bathing,

Remus and Gracie are! I am standing up photographing them in my sunbathing place! I am now photographing Tara’s Totem!

Now Thor has arrived on his bicycle. I’ve pushed Remus and Gracie off and I am sunbathing once more! I do enjoy the sun!

What is Caleb wearing? Oh dear. And yes, we have just had the ‘suffocation’ talk!