Time Out to Read

I have not actually read a book in ages. I suppose I am so used to reading what I write in the edit, the perpetual re-read actually puts me off a bit! Is that daft? I love that word ‘daft’ it’s a bit like the word ‘drat’, seldom used nowadays! ‘ That dratted man’, just has a certain ring to it. Why not think of a sentence that you could use it in? Drat or indeed dratted, maybe time for a reintroduction, don’t you agree?

Okay, I have been reading at my PC both yesterday and today! Yes, a book that I am planning on reviewing for a fellow tweeter! He is reciprocating for me by reading and reviewing ‘ Eighteen Moons’ on Amazon. His title is ‘The Clouds Still Hang’ and the author is Patrick C Notchtree. I will let you know how that goes? It is an engrossing read and at present he is giving it away for free on ‘Smashwords.com’.

Do you have a book on Amazon that you would like me to review? If so, a mutual swap of mobi files might work for both of us?

Anyhow, John was so impressed with me that he also picked up a Grisham novel from the bookshelves and is presently reading, oblivious to the world! All of the children are self entertaining today with their Fire 7’s.

Dinner time for them. Penne bolognese cooked earlier today, with Daddy and Dadda’s portion being converted into chilli con carne for tonight’s dinner! Yum.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

7 thoughts on “Time Out to Read”

  1. Oh, I love to read!
    Yesterday I was lying in bed most of the day with books piled up around me.
    I felt too sickly to read and had fears of having this ghastly virus but feeling some better today so here’s hoping!
    I have not gone out of the house in 4 weeks except for walks with Hank so it’s so unlikely it could have but one worries anyway.
    I have read many books by John Grisham, a great writer!
    My best to you, Andi.
    Be well and take good care!

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    1. Oh dear, I am glad that you are feeling a little better today Margie. You must be missing the little people very much. 4 weeks now. 😞 the idea of getting lost in all of those words sounds intoxicating!

      Yes Grisham does transport the reader doesn’t he?

      Hoping you are all okay. Our very best wishes right back Margie


  2. Sounds interesting.. I will check out your book too, on Amazon. Like you, I find it hard to make time for reading so this prompt was useful.

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