The Dog House For Remus

Remus has been sent to the dog house! Not only has he continued to sneak off upstairs and lay on the bed in the spare room, but today saw him leave half of his lunchtime kibble and sneak back into the kitchen and gobble up all of daddy’s lunch! Daddy was on a phone call to our friend Carole and the crew and I had just finished ours. I was out of the room no more than 2 minutes. Damn that dog.

Today’s photo of Remus (with Tara) was taken exactly one year ago today! How time flies. Do you ever do that! Roll your camera feed back 12 months and see what you were up to back then? As well as this photo, I also found a bunch of footage of our crew playing in the garden that very same day, one year ago today! There was enough to cobble together a short video. Remembering back, Caleb had his broken arm and the day looked as gloriously sunny as the day we have today!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

10 thoughts on “The Dog House For Remus”

  1. He is indeed a very bad hound! I expect he thinks you are his butler, if the expression on his face in the photo (albeit taken 12 months ago) is anything to go by. What do they say? Never work with children or animals..?

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    1. The thing is! He knows exactly how naughty the action of stealing food from the table was Anna! As for the scarpering to the spare room bed!!! He is however now downstairs with both John and I, lying on the sofa! He fled the spare room when the children went up to bed. They were that boisterous on the stairs! Lol

      No m, never work with either genre! Drama on your hands for sure! 😂


  2. Awww Remus was just extra hungry and kibbles and bits wasn’t cuttin it…giggle. Yes, I’ve been down memory lane a time or two this week myself. They make you smile.

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