The Queen of Bloody Sheba

It’s been 4 days now since Remus took up residence on Daddy and Dadda’s bed. As you may remember, the dogs enjoy the living room sofa, but the bed is out of bounds.

The bedding does need changing, especially now I guess. But I have turned a blind eye to Remus these last days. Perhaps we all need a rest or a change of scenery, so I have just let him chill upstairs. Gracie is as usual, my permanent shadow. But I am kind of missing Remus’s participation and his general annoyance! He just lays there, engulfed in bliss.

He’s barely been outside to do his ablutions! I really have to shout up at him at midday for his dinnertime call! It is really odd! He’s usually winding me up with his whining an hour of two before I give in to serving his bowlful of kibble.

Mind you, things are set to change tomorrow as I really am going to change those sheets and start a new regiment to keep the bedroom door closed at all times. But I’ll leave him there for now, laying on our bed like ‘The Queen of bloody Sheba’! (Please do excuse the language. It is purely there for dramatic effect!)

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

8 thoughts on “The Queen of Bloody Sheba”

  1. He is such a handsome dog though; very hard to say no to. I made the mistake of letting my wolf pack see the picture and they are back to wanting a dog, which we thought we’d left behind in 2019..

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    1. Oh dear. And sorry he trumped my ‘back to school’ blog that was not written Anna. The children were so bad today with the idea of going back to an hour or two’s study. It was a little like the French Revolution here! My focus tomorrow is explaining today and moving forward with home study… and looking at your list!

      Good luck with dissuading your crew! Dogs, sorry Dalmatians are a real commitment! He is handsome though!

      Just slipping in a ‘Daddy and Dadda’s Dinner’ before my energy has 100% depleted! Have a lovely evening won’t you 😉

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      1. You too and don’t worry at all. I think everyone is delirious at the moment. Groundhog Day, as you said in one of your recent posts. Lol I will look forward to hearing more of the carnage in tomorrow’s post, then!

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