Triple Cooked Chips

Yes, that is what I missed the most in these last 6 weeks of pre- agrarian and that was what I enjoyed most last night for my big Birthday meal! The scallops for my starter were fine and the lamb rump for my main was fine, but the triple cooked chips were the best! I didn’t even bother with a dessert!

On the subject of food, I spent half of the morning bagging up dry food for our holiday in Cornwall tomorrow! And some of this afternoon assembling clothes for myself and the obligatory collection known as ‘toiletries’. Quite why this assemblage of items ended up with that name, I really don’t know!

I’ve been very good on the carbohydrate front. You know, it’s a real change of habit, now avoiding carbs rather than banning them outright. I’m just going to see where that goes! I’m rather looking forward to sharing that box of Prestat chocolates with John that was left over from Christmas.

Oh! Before I forget – all the best to Margie, one of my wonderful readers, she is on her journey home to Denver (Colorado) today from her big adventure! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. It all sounded totally amazing.

On that note, maybe a bit about my holiday tomorrow guys.

Art and Photography

In my Uni’ days I always got a little bit excited when I got to play with ceramics. Metalwork too if the truth be known. The common denominator however has to be photography!

I noticed this morning that my iPhone camera feed dates back to the minute that I returned from India with our two oldest children, Tara and Amritsar. Ever since then, as you can imagine, baby pics, baby pics, baby pics.

I do have previous photography backed up on an external hard drive and recently uploaded the images to my P.C. And I am glad that I did so!

Today I am showing photos of a couple of my statement pieces, photographed with just the right light and at interesting angles.

Form is everything really isn’t it? Both fluid and organic form contrasts alongside the linear and angular.

I am no artist, but have spent most of my adult life in the field of design. Maybe more on that another day. It seems very strange to be blogging about something other than ‘My Big Family Life’. But there we go, I once thought and felt differently than I do today, more selfish in a way! But there were a few good results along the way.

As ever, thank you for reading!

An Early End To The Pre – Agrarian Diet

Okay, okay, I’m not a quitter! Tonight’s headline would indicate that tomorrow I will be heading for Carbohydrate highway and reacquaint my self with sugary sweet and complex carbs alike!

The truth is that tomorrow is my birthday meal out, yes five days before my big day and that John has also rejoined the mass of you in following a regular diet these past two days. He has been amazing to follow the pre – agrarian concept for these last six weeks since the dawn of 2020. I thank him for that immensely.

But what with tomorrow being carb neutral for us both for my birthday meal, Friday being Valentine’s Day, the children on half term from the weekend, our family holiday starting on Saturday – waiting for my birthday to finish the diet just seems impractical.

I have craved carbs on one or two occasions, but overall I had adapted well! My mental well being seems slightly enhanced, my physical body feels more in tune! Of course, these are just personal observations. I have lost a few kilos (several pounds) and I feel so much firmer for these six weeks carb free. I lost my slight love handles and my tummy feels like stone! Success I believe, but what were the lessons learnt and what will I keep with myself?

My morning coffee is just great with one spoonful of canderel. No more sugar in coffee, though the maximum I ever drink is two cups a day. I have not really missed desserts, but I am open to the very occasional entire tub of Haagen Das. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and scoff, don’t you? But overall, I will only have a dessert every three or four days. Sadly, crisps and savoury snacks are a necessary no no! I have changed my relationship with these things, I really have.

Another inevitable outcome is smaller portion sizes. I am at one with giving my partner John bigger portions. It’s not an equality thing – he really does have a faster metabolism. Good for him. But I think that my actual stomach has slightly decreased in size, so I really don’t want large portions.

Yes, I am also happy to reacquaint myself with potatoes, rice and pasta, but I do not feel any compulsion to gorge. That is a massive lesson learnt. Just forgetting the supposed ‘norm’ for six weeks has been a real wake up call.

Thank you so much for being alongside me these last weeks, you have made this pre – agrarian mindset a lot more achievable. My eating habits have certainly improved for the better.

As you know, this wasn’t about the weight loss, just the idea of personal wellness and that has certainly gone from the basic model to the otherwise improved version of myself…

Listening to Clair de lune at present – feeling good!!! Thank you for reading.

Three little Bears Home From School

What can I say! Only Caleb and Aaliyah made it into school today. Our other three little bears were off with that bug that is going around.

Just left Sindy to do the school pickup with our three little troopers in the back of the car. She dropped me off in the local town centre and I’ve been scouting the shops for Birthday presents for Tara and Amritsar’s big 7th Birthday next month. Funny that it is my birthday that coming up next week and here I am searching for gifts for the girls.

This year my birthday falls on half term and we are away for the week in Cornwall, leaving on Saturday afternoon. More on that at the time of course. We are doing a birthday meal on the Thursday of this week. Again, more on that at the time I guess.

It’s pouring with rain at the moment and the storm winds are still a little blustery. Wow, wasn’t last night bad across the whole of the U.K.? Winds of 80mph! As a result, at the edge of the woodlands at the bottom of our garden a fir tree has uprooted besides the driveway. Thankfully the wind had blown it down in towards the woodland and not the driveway. It will need some action taken in order to make the surrounding area safe. Though I must add, when cut into rounds, there will be a good supply of firewood for next winter.

Sindy about due at this point so I will sign off. As ever, thank you for reading.

A Quick Rundown of the Weekend

Wow, the time has just evaporated like water in the Desert! Watching the BBC News at 10 now and feeling tired!

I really must take note of moments as they spontaneously happen, engulf and then dissipate. Too much to remember, too little to point out at this late moment.

I can only thank our Brighton based friends Victoria and Glen for their and children Phoenix and Lucy’s company this weekend. Not to forget Fenton and his licky antics (him being the son of Remus)!

The children’s bath time was as ever, the end of our patently weekly offerings at 7pm this evening, though firstly Thor and then Caleb had certain issues they wanted to shout down the stairwell for around an hour. Now all completely silent – the week is over, a new one ever ready to begin.

Excuse the picture tonight being of a previous visit from Glen and Victoria, I did not take any photos this weekend due to more iPhone 6 issues! Shame on you Apple for your damaging my iPhone 6 Plus yet further with your latest IOS update destroying my Apple experience yet further. The camera was not affected, but I am so angry that my microphone now renders a conversation impossible via regular telephone. Not a hardware fault as I can still be heard by my recipient via a Skype call. I am almost considering looking at Google, Microsoft or Samsung for my future telephone requirements (well almost)!!! These are unbelievable antics from a company like Apple, trying to force their profits yet higher with offering ‘the latest upgrade’ whilst slowly destroying your very own personal property from within. Shame on you, these manoeuvres should be illegal. Just like the global tax evasion you so seek out! And these comments are coming from me, a non politically spoken blogger, out there, just one voice, one of so many, out in the ether!

Talking of MiMi…

Thor was a few months old when he was first introduced to MiMi. We lived in Bangkok, Thailand. We lived there for 5 months before his U.K. passport was issued. John had to work at home in London of course and look after the girls Amritsar and Tara, so he could only visit us twice over that time. On his first visit he brought with him MiMi (The Thai word for bear, or rather bear-bear). He purchased him at the Harrods shop at Heathrow Airport. I nearly always film a video in horizontal! So I am as surprised as you maybe that this video is in portrait! Go figure. A big thank you also to Ameena who helped me out in these early months. It was her that helped me name MiMi. I simply asked her for the Thai word for bear! If you could see MiMi now, obviously Thor is the (much) bigger of the two besties. And MiMi is now a rather thread bare bear.